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Today, August 13, would have turned 114 years of legendary director and the founder of the genre of thriller and suspense master - Alfred Hitchcock. During his half-century career as one of the classics of world cinema made more than fifty films, leaving us with a huge kinonasledie. Hitchcock was once a British director, and took a lot of films before coming to America, but as a director, he has developed an innovator in the USA. It is no coincidence all his best work belong to the American period. The main genre director was a thriller. It is in its framework Hitchcock formed their methods of action on the screen, which was then taken by a majority of directors. All of today's "hackneyed" techniques in thrillers and horror films at the time it came up with Hitchcock. The main kinopriemom it was suspense, thanks to which the director has become an internationally recognized classic, because he was a consummate master of creating suspense unpredictable outcome.

It is not surprising that it is one of the films of Hitchcock tops the list of the hundred best action-American films of the 20th century according to the American Film Institute. This, of course, talking about the best thriller of all time - "Psycho" in 1960 goda.iz all the films of Alfred Hitchcock - is the most famous, the most terrible, most are not outdated, most innovative and unique, despite countless attempts to replicate the success .. .-sound something like this all the reviews, both spectators and kinoekspertov about this low-budget black-and-white film, which is still considered to heights of creativity Hitchcock and the genre as a whole. Surprisingly, this picture was the first in many years, Hitchcock filmed in monochrome. It created a new genre director alloy, which was involved in the psychoanalysis and was very close to the horror movie rather than the classic thriller. For the birthday of the great masters, we have decided to recall the most interesting facts about his brilliant film "Psycho».

1. The film was shot on the novel by Robert Bloch's "Psycho" (1959).

2. Alfred Hitchcock anonymously bought the rights to the novel in 9000 dollars. Moreover, he bought as many copies of the book to the ending of this story knew as little people.

3. Decorations House (Motel) cost only 15 000 dollars, although they have become the most expensive and decorations that were created for this film.

4. The film was made in black and white, because Hitchcock decided that the picture will be too cruel if it filmed in color. Although the main reason was the desire is still the director to make a movie with a budget as low as possible (costs should not have been exceeded 1 million. Dollars). In addition, the year in rolling out a lot of black-and-white films category "B", and they collected a lot of money, so Hitchcock wondered what fees will be his low-budget black-and-white film category "A».

5. Francois Truffaut interview with Hitchcock said that the narrative line of the film is built in an interesting way - it leads to crimes of misconduct. So, for the innocent adultery should be a waste of money, after - double homicide caused by mental disorder is the main character.

6. In a famous murder scene in the shower shrill sound create a violin, which dramatically drive bows. Although initially Alfred Hitchcock wanted to make this scene absolutely dumb. And the sound of a knife, which bites into human flesh - is the sound of a knife stuck in the melon. This scene was filmed from 17 December to 23 December 1959, and shot even without the participation of Anthony Perkins (who at this point had gone to New York). In addition, she had almost 90 splices during installation.

7. As the blood in the movie used chocolate syrup.

8. In the license plate of the machine Marion have letters - NFB. Exactly the same letters make initials Norman Bates - Norman Bates Frances (Norman Francis Bates).

9. The budget of "Psycho" was only 800,000 dollars, and charges - 40 000 000. Hitchcock even used his camera crew as the television series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955), as much as possible to save money and time.

10. In 1962, the director exchanged their rights to "Psycho" and TV series ("Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955)) for a considerable share of the company's shares MCA. As a result, it has become the third largest shareholder of the company.


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