Provocative sight Terry Richardson

August 14, 1965 was born the most provocative picture of the current and the star of world level - Terry Richardson. He became known throughout the world as one of the most brilliant, controversial and compelling photographers of his generation. Because it has a unique talent - through the lens of the camera to catch the most bizarre and unexpected moments of reality. Richardson's work sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, sometimes beautiful, but it is always a provocation. Without that Terry would not be Terry, as he is loved and how they outraged the whole world, because it attracts and repels at the same time.

Terry had a difficult childhood. At first he lived in the bohemian world of Los Angeles, after his parents divorced, his mother got into a car accident and was left paralyzed when Terry was only 9 years old. In 10-11 years he has tried drugs after carried away and played in a punk band. And once in his hands got a camera, which opened him another bright world. Yes, his pictures sometimes to the point, and sometimes and pass line beyond which begins the rigid elements of pornography. But he is also unmatched shoots for glossy magazines «Vogue», «GQ», «Harper's Bazaar» and creates a unique advertising campaign «Gucci», «Sisley», «Miu Miu», «Levi's», «Chloe», «Carolina Herrera »,« Nike ». Of course, in his lens provocateur in a plaid shirt and get the star. A selection of their photos we made known to the birthday of Terry Richardson.

I made of sexual Megan Fox even more sexy Megan Fox.

Jared Leto Terry first section and forced to sit next to.

Then he hung upside down.

And in the end changed with him the bodies.

Ben Stiller overgrown he lent his iconic shirt and even a camera. But something in common there.

Tobey Maguire Richardson fed watermelons.

And Miranda Kerr dress watermelon outfit.

A couple of Bloom-Kerr caught at the Oscar party.

He earned a kiss from Daria Verbovoy.

He proposed pobezobraznichat two bosom "Gossip Girl».

With Kate Moss, they just found each other.

Rihanna went even farther - first to show off your rear view.

and then even tried to seduce Terry, which he was very happy.


Kim Kardashian also boasted impressive Richardson their charms.

And he even persuaded her to "brotherhood».

And Beyonce has not escaped the fate of his show the most alluring curves. Especially because it was shooting Richardson for GQ.

And in bed ... a little play rugby.

Ed Westwick curves to show off is not necessary, but a tattoo is a very quite.

With Lindsay Lohan made a mysterious appearance.

And then ...

In a sweet couple Aniston, Theroux's much more cheerful.

But even they are far from Giselle, who caught a real Zen.

A major star in the lens of Terry, perhaps, was the president.


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