Photos from the studio Richardson

Habit no denude Terry Richardson otobet not, especially when you consider that it is only "for".

True, this time for a change in the name of His Majesty decency Miley Cyrus He starred in the clothing, but not without it. In a new photoshoot for «Harper's Bazaar» 21-year-old singer appeared in couture dresses of famous designers, and his naked body left somewhere on the cover of «Maxim». It came out pretty good shot with very steep rear views. Future father and mother approves.

The savings on the ticket to Madame Tussauds was not meaningless: Sarah Jessica Parker's expression changed not once. So it was left to stand in front of the camera, looking somewhere over. Flipping «Harper's Bazaar» is staring only at the dress (well, to the hair, perhaps. Still beautiful fluttering fan in the studio Terry is not the worst).

Long-term contract with «Harper's Bazaar»? The third row of the photo shoot for the magazine. Now a girl who does not need to pretend to be a model, because it really is. Small nose, full lips, dimples in cheeks ... like logically Lindsay Vikson to be a doll, but many consider it some hybrid.

Girl in shock ...

Positive girlfriend, Daisy Lowe and Florence Welch, enough to fool around in front of the lens Terry. By the way, if you daisy someone reminds you can not remember who it was, you know, she - the daughter of her husband's Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale. Eldest child and only one (not counting the sons of Gwen), daughter of musician she learned about it only nine years ago, when made of DNA and when Gavin called it a "mistake of youth».

"Best Apollo modernity" Chase Finlay collects notices. This year, he performed on stage, "Mariinsky Theatre" in St. Petersburg with his staging of "Apollo" and was immediately recognized as the best in the New York ballet company. The performance itself may have on the network, but just look at the awkward man nearby and it becomes clear that Chase - God.

Like any normal man Terry Richardson partial to women with curvy shape. For Sofia Vergara is pressed as a native.

And finally, two more photos of Jared Leto in the form of a transvestite areas previously unseen by us.


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