Hulk Hogan - 60 years!

Its 60th anniversary on August 11 said the famous Hulk Hogan (Hulk Hogan; real name Terry Gene Bollea (Terry Gene Bollea) - wrestler, actor and showman very popular in the mid-1980s - early 1990s. However, the Hulk and now cool . In 2005, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame WWE. He is 12, a multiple world champion in the heavyweight division.

Hulk Hogan (also known as Halkster, Hollywood Hogan, Hulk Hogan Terry) at birth received the name Terry Bollea. He was born August 11, 1953 in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Hogan's mother, Ruth Ball, recalled that at birth he weighed almost 5kg. From early childhood, he wanted to win. He was the biggest baby in the hospital, the highest pupil at school, the biggest student in college. In high school, he really enjoys baseball, and he has predicted the title of best player in the state ...

In 1959, a six-year Terry Boll went to school, where he was, but had not sweet. Here is how he recalled the initial classes Hulk: "In the first class I was sitting at a desk with a girl for the first time she saw me, she said:" You've always had such a huge head? ", So I was disappointed on my first day at school, I I burst into tears. »

Little Terry stood out among the other children in weight and head size. To stop the taunts of children, I decided to become a wrestler Hulk and begged his father to take him to the city arena that hosted wrestling show. Matches were held in a small, stuffy building, filled to overflowing. Terry barely wade through the crowd to the ring to get an autograph from you liked Gladiator. Dreaming of what would become a wrestler, young Terry grew by leaps and bounds. At age 12, his height was 180 cm and weight about 90 kg. He was the tallest student in the school. In high school, he was seriously interested in baseball, and he even predicted the title of best player in the state, but his career in this sport has prevented the accident. In one of the games he did leap from third base and broke his arm. After recovery, Terry never played baseball.

In 1968, Boll went to high school Robbinson in Tampa, where the coach saw the photo and the boy offered to include it in the team, but the giant had other plans. Terry studied music and especially loved to play the guitar. He was taken to a small school band, playing rock and roll. Hogan and still fondly remembers concerts that can last up to two hours of the night. But in 1971, eighteen-year-Hulk was interested not only in music - it seriously care about the relationship with the girls. Young giant wanted to have the perfect body to unashamedly naked on the beach, but before the release of the school, he began to gain weight. Then Terry decided to swing muscles.

Hulk Hogan, nicknamed "Hollywood" is one of the best fighters in the history of wrestling. Hogan's very easy to learn: his business card - bandana, long hair, blond mustache and bloodshot force muscles. He is known not only as a wrestler, but also as an actor. On account of his role in the film "Thunder in Paradise", "Assault on Devil's Island," "Urban Commando", "Ultimatum" and others.

Despite such "frivolous" hobbies, Hogan decided to continue his practical education and go to college Hillsborough, where he studied for two years and received a Graduate Diploma Humanities. Immediately after graduation, he entered the University of Florida and continued studying business and finance to become a banker.

After graduation, the young specialist in the field of business administration was in a local bank branch. Terry roamed the bank - in the office did not have tables for such giants as he - and after work went to a friend to play the guitar in an amateur group.

Banker rise of two meters and weighing 125 kg could knock any money from the debtor, but Terry is still cherished the dream to become a wrestler. "I turned into a kind of hunter, I knew the place where wrestlers had dinner, while they were traveling to the match and hotels where they stayed, and finally mustered the courage, I approached one of the gladiators and asked," How can I get in wrestling? ", he advised me to turn to Hiro Matsuda." - Hulk later recalled in an interview.

Matsuda was a Japanese fighter from the old school wrestling, who headed the training center in Tampa. 23 year old Bollea went back and told all present that is going to become a wrestler. After he came out on the platform, he was beaten until he lost consciousness, and threw into the ring. Matsuda sat down at his feet, grabbed her shin, pulled up and broke his ankle. Ankle put in plaster and Hogan did not show up at the training complex of 10 weeks, but when he returned to Matsuda, its relation to employment has changed. From 1976 to 1977 Bollea trained under the strict control of Hiro Matsuda. His method was considered the most demanding and the most dangerous among all schools wrestling in the United States.

Filming in Rocky 3 were probably the most significant event in his life. Sylvester Stallone film made plausible by the fact that most of the stunts performed by himself and demanded Hogan fights in full force. Both of them were satisfied with the joint work.

In October 1979, Boll debuted in wrestling. In the ring, he got his first nickname - "The Destroyer." He successfully performed in Tampa, but common sense told him that in order to achieve real success, it needs to engage in a more serious organization. Terry got into his car and went to Alabama, where he joined the CWA. He lived from match to match, as the money earned barely enough to eat. During the first two years, Terry helped his good friend, Ed Leslie, later nicknamed Brutus Beefcake. They lived in the same wagon: Boll slept on the floor, and Leslie in the luggage compartment. Charts were packed, violent games, the crowd wanted blood. Family and friends were amazed at the changes occurred with "their" Terry - during his performances, it five or six times broken nose. Despite the fact that the ring had not sweet, Boll did not leave wrestling career. In 1980 he went to Memphis, where wrestling was such that the matches held in Alabama seemed to him sheer fun. Here's how he remembers those days: "In Memphis, which just did not do with the loser wrestler ... could even publicly humiliate his wife! There I learned the basics of show business, and by analogy with the show "The Incredible Hulk", which was filmed starring Lou Ferrigno, I began to call himself, Terry "Hulk" Boll. However, the new name is not strongly contributed to the development of a career.

Terry had to go into the ring 12-13 times, for which he received a check for $ 125. This money could not buy a normal meal, pay for gas or to stay. He could not live like this anymore and went back to Florida, where he began to work at the port and took up the loading of ships. It was hard work, but it paid good money. In 1981, everything changed. On the advice of an old friend, Terry Boll met the 62-year-old Vince McMahon, director of the World Wrestling Federation. Vince immediately realized the potential of the young Terry and immediately took him to the federation. Vince liked the name "Hulk", but the name had to be changed. "I want you to be Hogan, an Irishman!" - He said Terry and gave him two cans with red paint. But then Terry hair fell out and he poured paint into the toilet. So, Hogan was allowed to stay blond Irishman.

In the early eighties in wrestling refueled fighters such as the Crusher-Crusher, Dick Boxer and King of the Ring - Andre the Giant. Nobody wanted to mess with Andre Hulk and soon realized why: "His height is 2 meters, ten centimeters and weighs 250 to 320 kg, depending on how he ate. At first we were enemies, I was young and did not understand what wrestling from a business perspective. Andre quickly put me in my place, he was a hundred times stronger than me, showed me who is who. "

Hulk learned quickly and soon began to gain popularity in the WWF. Before the match at Madison Square Garden to Hogan man approached and handed him an envelope with a message in which Sylvester Stallone invited to play in the Hulk film Rocky 3. Then already shown Rocky Rocky 1 and 2 and the popularity of Sylvester Stallone was so great that the Hulk could get only cameo. Therefore, as a response to the proposal, Hogan went to the wrestling tour of Japan, where even more impressed skill demanding Asian audience. When autumn Hogan returned to the United States awaited him a registered letter in which Sylvester Stallone asked him about the meeting. Hulk was surprised, but I dial a phone number listed in the letter. It was a home phone Stallone. They spoke at length about the shooting of the new film and as a result, has agreed to be the Halk wrestler named Tanderlips. But Hogan still had obligations to Vince McMahon and WWF. When he told Vince that he had the opportunity to play in a movie, he replied: "You're a fighter, not an actor, I do not allow you to act!", But Hogan had all decided for themselves. He packed his bags and went to Hollywood. In November 1981, the Hulk arrived in Los Angeles for the shooting of the new tape.

And in December 1981, Hogan decided to return to wrestling. He sent Verne Gagne in Minnesota a few photos of the 8x10 has not yet been released in theaters the movie Rocky 3. Return saw Hogan next to Stallone and realized that it smells like a lot of money. He said Hulk urgent telegram asking him to come to Minnesota as soon as possible.

Verne Gagne owned AWA - American Association of wrestling, which is considered the largest in the west of the country, and was known for having defeated opponents by throwing them out of the ring. Gagne believed that the fighting in wrestling should be as realistic, despite the fact that everything happens according to the scenario. He was very stubborn, and all those who asked him: "And now you are fighting in a wrestling?", He was falling to the floor and spent a painful hold.

Hogan came to Minnesota in March 1982. He was received with joy, but, judging by the first training match, which was granted by the Hulk, the results are not impressed by the leadership. In games they needed expressiveness, and Hogan was not very versed on what to say in the ring. Most phrases that he had to say in response to questions showman, he invented Okerlund. Job Hulk in the ring, according to all the wrestlers AWA, different from the conventional. While as Okerlund wrote the dialogues for the future superstar Verne and his son Greg thoroughly worked on the image of Hogan. They explained to him what they believe to be Hulk Hogan. How to behave as a giant that is larger than life itself. This image was useful Hulk when in June 1982, the screens out the long-awaited Rocky 3. The film became a hit, wrestlers suddenly ceased to be a villain and started a real Halkomaniya.

However, outside of the ring, Terry Hogan was still a country bumpkin, a lover of beer and a bully. In September 1982, after a meeting with Linda Claridge (his future wife), he decided to change the lifestyle. Terry continued his career, traveled the back roads of the Midwest, while in the federation were such fighters like Jesse "Buddy" Ventura. Hulk Hogan was a longtime fan of Ventura, he has long lived in Minnesota and constantly fought for the local team, where they became friends. Hogan and Ventura times converge in the ring and turned into a popular couple. In January 1983, Hogan has been the brightest superstar AWA, but it is only gaining strength. The sensation caused by the film Rocky 3 Hogan turned into a national landmark. Hogan actually was the first fighter that changed wrestling, in addition to a wrestler, he was considered entertainer actor, movie star, he was almost like a rock and roll star.

Hulk Hogan and AWA seemed inseparable, but in the autumn of 1983, during preparations for the match in Chicago, in Hogan's career took an unexpected turn. Photographer Steve Taylor handed him a card with the words "urgently call Vince McMahon." (Vince McMahon fired Hogan in 1981, but this letter was written by his son.) Vince Jr. told Hulk that his father retired and now wants to expand the WWF business: rather than lead it in America, extend wrestling around the world. And Vince Jr. wanted to do it with Hulk Hogan.

During deliberation tempting offer Vince, Linda Hulk made an offer. After the wedding and honeymoon Hogan went on to play for AWA. Meanwhile, Vince McMahon has doubled efforts to poaching Hulk in WWF. He promised to make him a star of the first magnitude, and promised fabulous fees. Such a "bright" future Hogan had to taste. But he has not yet completed the case with his boss, Vern Gagne. In December, Gagne has organized a match between Hulk Hogan and Nick Bokuinklom for the title of AWA. Usually Verne himself determines the outcome of fights, but that night Hogan decided for him. When the Hulk was in the locker room, Verne Gagne got there and said, "Tonight you'll get the belt, but I pay for it a certain amount. As far as your situation in Japan, I have with this, too, have something. "Hogan had won the fight, but with disdain threw the belt and left the room. This act marked his departure from AWA and began working with Vince McMahon in the WWF.

January 24, 1984 Hogan debuted. When he came into the ring at Madison Square Garden, played the melody "Tiger's Eye", it was the first time in the history of wrestling, wrestling when the output was accompanied by music. Hulk Hogan defeated Iron Sheik won the WWF title and from that day ceased to be a wrestling entertainment drunken crowd and turned into a spectator sport.

March 31, 1985 Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon wrestling spread to hitherto unprecedented territory. The Federation has established the transfer of "WrestleMania", which had an extraordinary success. One reason for the unprecedented popularity of the show was ESTATE in her "real" stars of Muhammad Ali, Cyndi Lauper ... It was the first wrestling show held in the air, it became pervozvestnikom TV shows, for each show are charged. The so-called Pay-Per-View. This system came up with Vince McMahon. Work Hogan and resourcefulness McMahon formed a dynamic combination, March 29, 1987, 94,000 fans came to the show, "WrestleMania 3", which was held in the sports arena "Pontiac Seledron" near Detroit. A record number of spectators has become the greatest success for Hogan, who had to fight with Andre the Giant, whose growth is 2 meters 10 cm and weighs 270 kg. While the career of Andre already on the wane.

That evening, Andre agreed in advance with the Hulk in the locker room that Hogan would win it. They went into the ring and began to fight. Despite the fact that Andre the Giant was very painful, they are completely spent match and when it is time to end, he suddenly ordered to spend Hogan cast. Here is how he recalled the moment Hulk Hogan later: "When I caught him, he immediately felt how heavy. And when I started to turn, it seemed to me that all the muscles of the back, waist is about to tear. I spent the toss and Andre was on the floor. "

94,000 spectators were just stunned, confused but soon grew into hysteria. Andre the Giant did so that night the name "Hulk Hogan" has become history. Terry understood and appreciated the way Andre gave him. After this fight, "WrestleMania" (the name given to the craze wrestling) finally turned into "halkomaniyu." Hulk Hogan with his 70-centimeter biceps became a national hero.

Hulk checked their popularity in 1989, when she starred in a film about wrestling "Sucker Punch," with Joan Severens. This film was swear at critics as tape Hogan came out in 1990, such as "Commandos from the suburbs" and "Mr. Nanny." Terry Hogan always wanted to play in some high-profile movie and be in Hollywood is as much known as the wrestling, but this never happened.

In 1990, Hogan successfully performed in the WWF, several times he conceded his title, but only in order to win it again in a spectacular match. However, the image of a superstar became a heavy burden, both for him and for his wife, Linda. The fire that burned before the eyes of Hulk faded, he needed a respite and Vince McMahon began to look for a new protégé. Several times he tried to pass the laurels of guys like Ultimate Warrior'a who once defeated Hulk and won the title, but then returned to the belt Hogan. Despite the fact that from 1984 to 1991 Hulk firmly held the world title at the WWF has no choice, because the show had to go on.

In early 1992, McMahon was accused that his wrestlers have used steroids, the case was referred to the court, as the use of steroids by athletes was banned in 1981. Hogan openly admitted that experimented with steroids and used them in such business as wrestling was widespread. You could easily go to the doctor and take his prescription for steroids.


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