Meet is the Hulk - the largest pit bull in the world. He immediately charm you with her on the spot!

Despite the various stereotypes and prejudices, as well as their fearsome appearance, pit bulls are a very friendly living beings. The proof of this - a big dog with a big heart on behalf of the Hulk. No wonder it is so called ... I agree, it is a hell of a suitable name! After all, anyway, and the Hulk - the largest pit bull in the world. Chetyrehlapomu record holder has not knocked even 2 years old, but he already weighs as much as 79 kilograms!

Do not let his appearance fool yourself. The owners of the dog - Marlon and Lisa Grennon - professional dog handlers, breeders. Therefore pitbull Hulk - an incredibly obedient and disciplined. He knows its place and ready to sacrifice their lives to come to the aid of the owners in a difficult moment. In addition, this giant is very playful and friendly! You can not resist its charm ...

Get to know, and that's the Hulk ... He is only 17 months old, and weighs as much - 79 kilograms. You just imagine that he grow up in a year or two! B>

Appearances are deceptive. And what a striking proof of the Hulk! It's incredibly sweet and gentle dog. B>

Hulk perfectly finds common ground with the son of the family - Jordan three years.

After long ago he himself was quite crumbs ...

Jordan loves his dog, and even from time to time it rolls around on horseback. The dog still suffers quietly. B>

The Hulk - a real glutton. Approximately two kilograms of ground beef with various additives on the day of his one tooth! B>

This is an incredibly loyal dog ...

... Ready to go for their masters even into the fire, even in the water!

Grennony Hulk like and trust him. They rightly consider him a member of his family. B>

Happy family in the collection.

You just have to see this little dog alive!

a hunting accident .. .

Is not he a cutie? I would like to afford this? Share this gigantic dog with a huge heart to your friends. They are guaranteed to melt away by his charm!


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