Animals that captivated us in 2015

Animals - the most sincere of creating on the planet. They will always be our inexhaustible source of positive, good mood and role model.

Website collects touching, funny and good stories of our smaller brothers, and that those animals who for various reasons have fascinated us this year.


We believe that love and care can transform anyone. Even those found in a garbage can or a box from under the shoe. We collected all year for you touching pictures of animals that live by the love of man.

15 animals before and after they were taken from the shelter

15 cats before and after they were taken from the shelter

Rescued kitten has turned into a huge ball of fluffy

A caring family from Florida, USA, found the unfortunate cat on the roadside. They took it home and carefully tended, until he finally recovered. As they were surprised when eventually it turned into a fluffy snow-white incredibly handsome.

Strong friendship

The dog, a hamster and 8 birds - the most charming friendship of the world

This friendly golden retriever named Bob. He lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with his host, hamsters and birds 8 offsuit. Perhaps Bob - one of the most peace-loving creatures on earth: he not only gets along well with all of these guys, but it also seems to get a real pleasure, posing for joint photos.

The incredible story of the friendship of the Amur tiger and goat

An unusual thing happened in the Primorsky safari park, where the Amur tiger named side by side in an enclosure with a goat. Goat, intended as a live tiger prey, all of a sudden was able to repel a predator and his courage was nicknamed Timur. The story is not over: two such completely different animals soon able to make friends.

Kindness h3> The girl fed up crow, and that's how they responded to her

Every morning, a girl with her mother in the courtyard filled trough for birds with fresh water and poured them raw peanuts in a specially made tray. After a meal in the tray begin to appear shiny baubles - earrings, hinges, glass, beads ... For girls, this collection of more than gold. Every thing in it brought the crows.

The guy picked up a wounded owl, and that's how she thank him

A young man from South Africa had saved from death a wounded owl. For two months she recovered and even made friends with the house cat. He could not imagine that after each time, flying home in the evening, she will come back to him with "gifts».

A sense of humor h3> Dentist Alaska and mimimishnye dogs conquered the Internet

Regular dentist from Alaska Timothy, nicknamed the Tooth Ninja, famous for its online instagramom. In his profile, you can see the life of his funniest dogs, whom he adores. We are happy to look at gay life these guys.

Dachshund romantic photoshoot done his masters unforgettable

Megan and Chris decided to make a pre-wedding photo shoot beautiful with her dog Louis. They hired professionals prepared, but do not take into account one thing: Louie had a look at how to make their photographs truly memorable. He sported as he could, sparing no effort, and jumped right in front of the camera, each time trying to obscure the groom in the photo.

Size h3> The largest pit bull in the world

Meet, is the Hulk - is probably the biggest pit bull in the world. Despite its intimidating size, is very good and faithful dog. Many people are afraid of pit bulls, but the Hulk - a faithful friend who never hurt a person, and always happily greets guests.

15 dogs that are not even aware of its size

Whatever the dog, it needs only one thing - the love of the owner. And, even if the pet is not inferior to the size of well-fed ponies, nobody canceled hugs duty carding tummy and everything else.

16 burly cats, against which conventional - melkotnya

Maine Coon - one of the largest breeds of domesticated cats. In 2010, the Guinness Book of Records, for example, got a cat Stewie, the amount of which is 123 cm from tip of nose to tip of tail. Weighing Maine Coons are up to 16 kg. The origins of the breed are shrouded in mystery. But, despite its fantastic nature, the most powerful myth is that it is a cross between a cat and a raccoon.

Acting talent

This saved lives raccoon dogs and considers himself one of them

Small fluffy ball just fell on his head from a tree a girl named Rosie Camp from Nassau (Bahamas). Then the baby raccoon was only a month, and she had a broken hind foot. Rosie, realizing that the mother does not return her, took her in, called Pumpkin (Pumpkin) and exit. Pumpkin now lives in their home along with two other dogs and seems very happy.

This kitten was in the family to ferrets and now he thinks he's a ferret

Little Komari found, when he was only 5 months. Family of 5 ferrets gladly accepted it and was immediately surrounded by his love and care. Komari easy to get along with new brothers and now he thinks he's a ferret.

Milota ​​h3> This is the cute puppies in the world. Seriously

When you see these pictures, the relationship of dogs with bears is not in doubt. True, these kids are more like teddy bears, rather than the present. These pictures have finished all editors Website to the puppy dog ​​enthusiasm.

11 wild cats, the level at which the mantle just rolls

We all know about lions, tigers, pumah, leopards and jaguars. But apart from these well-known predators, there are other rare species of wild cats. And the charm they do not yield to their domestic relatives.

What kind of animals do you remember in 2015?

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