Urban geometry of human bodies

These guys know how to take shape as a penknife, and form an unprecedented figure, while refreshing dull cityscapes.

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1. "The Body in the urban area" - a project on the streets of Brighton, timed to coincide with the celebration of the cultural festival of the south coast. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

2. The result is a street scene geometry of human bodies. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

3. Under the able leadership of Willie Dorner dance group brings an entirely new perspective on the structure of the world around us. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

4. The "Body in the urban area" can be seen on the streets of Brighton May 14 and 15. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

5. It is as follows: you have pre-register their presence - participation is free. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

6. All meet at the appointed place and blend into the crowd. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

7. Then 20 "street artists" "lead" you to a secret location in Brighton. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

8. Among these artists - dancers, and athletes parkurschiki. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

9. They are "folded" in unimaginable geometric shapes and fill in the various spaces. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

10. And the old, familiar to you from childhood architecture of your street comes alive and changing. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

11. Miraculously, openings, doors and passageways that you did not notice on the way to work, he suddenly began to stand out, to "fill" flexible bodies of the dancers. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

12. "Body in the urban area" - a project that demonstrates the wonders of the geometry of the human body. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)

13. Some call it a model of public art: a free, fun and reincarnating. (LISA RASTL / BARCROFT MEDIA)



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