The explosion of methane-air mixture at the Zasyadko mine in Donetsk

Salvation from hell

Wives of miners who are still under the rubble, pray to God for their salvation

28-year-old miner miracle was able to get out from under the bodies of dozens of dead comrades

Relatives of miners who remain underground at the mine on duty day and night in the hope of a miracle.

Only a miracle can be called the salvation Vitaly Kvetkovskogo removed alive from the heaps of dead bodies of their fallen comrades.

Shocked by the fact that the survivors, 28-year-old Vitaly kisses pectoral cross, "Lord, have mercy on all who are still in this damned slaughter!"

When the tragedy occurred at the Zasyadko mine, a young man was in the epicenter of the explosion, as well as another 185 miners.

77 people were killed in the first minutes. Vitaly found himself overwhelmed with their own bodies and could not get out. In those terrible moments of the young miner was praying to God, knowing that it is waiting for a terrible death by suffocation.

 - More than I was no hope in anyone, - Vitaly rasskazyvat. - I knew that my life only in His hands ...


The explosion of methane-air mixture at the Zasyadko mine in Donetsk took place on Sunday at three in the morning, when the underground worked 457 miners. 80 of them have taken a painful death. Until now, at the bottom there are 20 miners whose fate is unknown.

 - The last thing I remember - continues to Vitaly - and cotton is strong smell of gas. And yet - the temperature has risen sharply in the mine, it became unbearably hot and I lost consciousness.

Columns of dust and piles of bodies filled an accident the emergency section. Those who were not killed by the blast, made his way to the door in the hope of salvation. At any moment a second explosion could follow.

 - When I woke up in a pile of bodies, then tried to get out of touch, - says Vitaly. - Because of the dust, I could barely breathe. I whispered to one - Lord, have mercy! And suddenly I felt a trickle of fresh air. Dizzy and I lost consciousness again.

Rescuers found half dead miner among dozens of dead bodies of his comrades.

 - How he survived being in the inferno of hell - just incredible! - Surprised the rescuers.


28 Shakhtar are now in hospitals - doctors provide them with necessary assistance.

 - Our children went every day to die - said 57-year-old Vladimir Ishchenko, who lost his only son in the mine. - The old saying is not by chance that the mine - cursed!

Only in recent years to the mine killed 225 people.

Vitaly Kvetkovsky miraculously survived under a pile of dead bodies of their comrades

Next to the grief-stricken relatives of victims constantly on duty officials

Surviving miners are digging the grave of his dead

On the day of the tragedy Vladimir Ishchenko begged his son to quit work

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