Mixtures for alignment - a unique application

Impeccably smooth surface - the dream of our compatriots, the embodiment of which developers are still implicitly trust the future owners. In this respect, new buildings differ slightly from the residential facilities of the secondary fund with creaking floors skewed. But the owners have an opportunity to be creative, to learn this activity and try out the wonderful mixture for alignment, capable of ensuring the ideals of geometrical parameters.

Due to the perfection of the formula to extend the scope of realization of repair work data. Now, as a finished product can be bought not only rovnitel for concrete foundations, but also a mixture to align the wood floor with glass fiber additives required for maximum adhesion values. New rovniteli can be used for arranging the input groups of country houses, for the preparation of the surface prior to floor device on the terrace, veranda, balcony. There are varieties of finishing does not require subsequent finishing. But in the vast majority of the mixture for alignment http://barra.com.ua/catalog/kley-dlya-penoplasta-plitki-kamnia-gruntovka/section/smesi-dlya-ustroystva-pola/ applied as a layer beneath the flooring, as isolated dusty slurry absorb fat and moisture, are visually attractive.

Perfectly aligned plane can not be attributed only to the aesthetic criteria. This ensures long-term operation roofed on a flat surface of the coating, and often a condition necessary for safe travel. A flat surface is a requirement for a device floating floors, laying linoleum, laminate, parquet, ceramic tiles. Alignment is necessary in order to wooden floor creaked not, in order to not break interlocks coatings do not wear individual elements.

Cheap alternative to factory construction mixtures
Not so long ago, only a mixture designed to eliminate the flaws of builders, was a solution consisting of screened river or quarry sand, water and ordinary cement. Achievable with the help of the result is not always pleased repairers and owners. Wait curing accounted for at least 28 days, the surface sometimes sags, solidifying cement screed had to be constantly sprinkle water to avoid cracking.

However, the budgetary cost of the material for the alignment often convinces thrifty owners the ability to use a simple, but requires a lot of effort in the preparation and application options. For the self-production of the composition required:

one part of cement labeled M500;
three parts of sand without inclusions and impurities (grain size 5 mm).
First, the composition is thoroughly mixed without adding water, then it is added in small portions, bringing the solution to a viscous consistency of thick cream. In the process of mixing is necessary to strictly adhere to the proportions need to use high-quality components labeled. But even the use of components from reliable manufacturers does not guarantee a perfect tie, the surface will still need to level after complete hardening.

"Homemade" mixture has a high plasticity, apply and distribute it fairly hard. For ease of operation can be added into the tube of a plasticizer in strict accordance with the recommendations of its manufacturer.

Council. Increase strength characteristics of cement-sand mortar screed help PVA glue in a small amount. Note, however, that the hardening mixture with the adhesive will be much faster, so will have to dilute the composition in small portions and applied to small areas. Stripping after hardening screed with glue will be significantly more difficult.

To prevent cracking experienced handlers are added to the self-made rovnitel little washing powder, so that the moisture slowly evaporates from the screed and uniform crystallization occurs. But the slightest error with self-modification solution is sure to affect the strength of the layer, which is why you will need alterations are not cheap.

Advantages of pre-mixes for leveling
Introduced on the market today has a broad range of rovniteley base resembling a proven formula screed. The main components are a binder represented by plaster or cement and aggregate, which is used as sieved and washed sand. The crucial difference prefabricated building compositions is the presence of builders, optimizing traction, flexibility, curing period.

The list of advantages of ready-made mixes for alignment:

  • Maximum Strength;
  • optimum adhesion;
  • to minimize the hardening periods;
  • easy application without the need to monitor the process of "maturation", to raise the level of humidity by spraying;
  • uniform, light distribution across the area to be treated;
  • ability to pick up makeup to align almost any framework; < /
  • no subsidence, requiring additional steps to equalize;
  • minimum power lasting alignment layer does not affect the height of the room;
  • operational long-term priorities of formulations prepared at the factory, is tested, well-developed material formula with the exact ratio of the components. Observe the manufacturer with the introduction of water into the repairers can not worry about the final result, as errors that reduce the quality of alignment, virtually eliminated. The main disadvantages of the list took the cost, the size of which are compensated by the long service, simplicity of preparation, thoroughly verified by the formula of the material and the lack of need for subsequent revision.

    Classification dry mixes for leveling
    factory dry mixture to align the consumer presented differ in composition, is:

    • Cement universal mixture suitable thanks to the abundance of modifications to align the premises with any operating conditions. The product range is possible to find material for leveling the base of any structure with any number of sag, sinks, pits. Having the basis of not giving shrinkage cement factory mixture used for the application of leveling layers ranging from 3 to 50 mm.
    • Gypsum rovniteli used only for arranging rooms with a minimum level of humidity, since their foundation has the ability to rapidly absorb moisture . Plaster mixtures are distinguished by good water vapor permeability, and no shrinkage, on the basis of which they often prefer to align the base is not very durable.
      By appointment and consistency of application factory mixture divided into two types:

      • Leveling designed for initial processing of rough surface with significant defects. With their help form a reliable base of up to 50 mm. This type rovniteley applied manually. The material is only applied as a layer, as a part of a solution of larger particles of sand do not give a perfectly flat surface.
      • Self-leveling materials used for the application of the topcoat. Layer thickness of 2-10 mm. Flowable mortar with finely-dispersed particles uniformly distributed over the cultivated area by spreading yourself. For leveling large areas of composition and shuts and distributed with the help of special equipment.

        Note. Fill finishing rovniteley in oversized rooms (more than 6-8 m²) is made in the areas bounded by special devices. Between segments are left blank a solution of technological joints with a 6 mm.

        For rapid-filling self-leveling material is not enough of one artist often performs this operation brigade, to each member of which is assigned a specific function: preparing a mixture, pouring the solution distribution with a special tool, the elimination of air bubbles roller


        Prerequisites for perfectly aligned
        surface Despite the apparent identity of each factory mix of manufacturers have a unique composition, a patented and closely guarded by the manufacturer. It is not indicated on the labeling, but the product is required to provide a detailed briefing on the solution preparation method. Violation of the proportions, the introduction of any additives in the finished mixture is unacceptable.

        Important. You can not for economic purposes to increase the content of tap water, so the excess moisture will cause foaming and, as a consequence, loss of strength ties. The leveling layer can also exfoliate. Do not use hot water, it can become a stimulant to start components, which action should begin only in the period of hardening.

        It is imperative that strict adherence to temperature and humidity conditions specified by the manufacturer. With minor deviations to the limit value of the relative humidity is usually 90-95%, outside temperature is 5-25 o C in the positive range.

        Unconditionally must be observed to flow equalization mixtures indicated in the marking. Depending on the specific features of the solution and destination mixture flow rate ranges from 1, 4 to 1 kg, 8 kg, distributed per m² area per 1mm thickness.

        Important. Strongly recommended to apply the finishing solutions to align the base with the application layer, exceeding the limit. What causes cavities inside the screed layer, the so-called "Caramel effect».

        Before filling the window and door construction must be installed. Not permitted drafts and the use of ventilation devices. It is necessary to maintain the exact timing required for full curing rovnitelya. Their violation is unacceptable when applied to an equalizer with several layers. It recommended to treat the entire area of ​​the primer that improves adhesion Before filling material.

        Owners of residential property now have the opportunity to buy the leveling mixture of everything for all types of premises and areas. There is a choice: the owner can buy ready-mix and align yourself or repairmen services. For information about the differences leveling compounds, methods of their application and the specifics will not go wrong with the purchase of material.



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