397 square meters for $ 25 million

There are places in New York, where to visit just will not work. And Plaza is one of them.
Brief historical background for you to understand what is at stake. Plaza is a hotel built in 1907 at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 58th Street. And not just a hotel, and one of the most famous in New York. In the Plaza many famous people. For example, there lived four Beatles during their first visit to the US in 1964. The hotel you have probably seen in the movie "Home Alone 2". Macaulay Culkin Hero, Lost in New York, he lived it in the Plaza. In the hall he met the then-owner of the hotel - Donald Trump. But since changed and Macaulay Culkin, and the owner and the hotel itself.

In 2004 Tram divorced his wife and put his "Mona Lisa" (as he called Plaza) for sale. Over $ 675 million hotel acquired Israeli company El Ad Properties. In 2005 the Plaza was closed for reconstruction, and three years later it opened its doors forever ceased to be of the plaza, which was before. Now it's half hotel and half a prestigious residential building with 152 apartments. For hotel guests and apartment owners have arranged various inputs and since then get in his residential area is by invitation only some of the residents. Then lobby you will not be allowed.

In the photo the hotel entrance.
Could I miss the opportunity to go where you can not go? Of course not. Especially because in the program assumes a light buffet and viewing three apartments for sale include one penthouse with views of Central Park. This option is particularly interested me. But then things went awry. Open house (so-called process of the show apartments to potential buyers) with a buffet somehow canceled. As a result, we have shown only one apartment of 397 square meters and cost 25 million dollars. About her and the story.

Hall for permanent residents Plazas. There can not be photographed (immediately should shout from the concierge). Entrance to the apartment is behind me. It has a separate entrance from the lobby, though, and is on the second floor. To get to it, you must climb the long stairs or take the elevator to the personal.
In 2011, on the 12th floor of the Plaza for $ 48 million apartment bought myself Igor Cool. This information is immediately pops up as soon as you say that you are from Russia. Moreover, according to the manager, who led us, he does not live in it, and only stops during his visit to New York. I am always amazed at such things, especially looking at monthly expenses and taxes. Buy a course you can, but then contain ...

This lounge. The apartment is sold fully furnished. Although I then immediately the question: why do you need someone else's furniture, if you have a lot of money? I now no plan, no interior is not liked. And that even though 25 million I have.


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