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Breastfeeding is the best option for the first meal of a baby. This fact was and remains undeniable. But in life there are different situations in which the child has to learn artificial lure. Today, we'll not talk about the benefits and harms of a particular method of feeding. We will try to help to deal with the hard choice of the mixture. We all know that the development of new compounds developing at the speed of sound. And from our television screens we constantly hear about the new Pro - and prebiotics.

But what is it and how is it we do not know. It turns out, all is not so difficult. All dry mixes for children to distinguish z such types: 1.specialized and standard; 2. adapted and partially adapted; 3. fresh and acidophilus; 4. Dry and liquid. Start with the end. It is best to use dry mixtures, because they are easily observed lumpiness. Liquid much easier to use in travel or other situations where there is no access to warm water.

Acidophilus are a prototype of sour-milk products as close as possible to mother's milk. They are full of those same Pro - and prebiotics, are easily digested and do not cause negative reactions. But they are assigned only from the third week of life, before the baby eats fresh mixture. Adapted mixtures are prepared with maximum use of the latest technologies. Many claim their 100% match breast milk. However, the mixture does not have the function of forming a stable immune system, by activating antibodies. Partially adapted formulas, and all are composed of corny diluted in equal amounts of dairy-based and water sweetened with regular sugar. The use of the latter often leads to dysbiosis and other bad conditions of the child's body.

Special blend always assigned to a pediatrician who meets the special condition of the body. Basically, these mixtures are recommended for Allergy sufferers, children with a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis and diathesis. Kids without special problems it is possible to use standard mixtures based on cow's milk. It is important to remember that the issue on the selection of the proper artificial food must be guided by the health of your child. Therefore, the recommendation of the pediatrician will be here as nowhere else by the way.

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