Why cats see in the dark

How they see the cat, is strongly influenced by the unusual internal structure of their eyes. Eyes of any living being composed of a plurality of special cells called photoreceptors. All the photoreceptors are divided into two types: the rods and cones. Sticks are responsible for twilight vision, and cones for visual acuity, the ability to distinguish fine details and colors. The ratio of cones and rods in the eyes of certain animal species different. More important for a person to see by day and distinguish colors. But for cats it is much more important to see well at night. Therefore, the number of sticks the cat a lot more than cones. Also on the retina there is a place better vision. If a person this place has the shape of dimples, the cat is the drive.

Her eyes can adapt to light sources of different brightness. In bright light her eyes like narrow slits. In the dark they become wide in almost the whole eye. This does not mean that a cat can see in total darkness, she just needs a lot less light than the other animals. Cat eyes are convex, which allows to collect the light rays with a wider space. When her eyes reflect all the light they seem to glow.

For a long time, scientists believed that cats do not distinguish colors. But this is not true. In addition to the shades of grey cats perceive other colors. All cats perceive the world in shades of green, grey and blue. Also cats distinguish between purple and yellow, although the latter can sometimes be confused with white. But red, orange and brown cats are not completely distinguish.

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