12 places that are prohibited for display on Google Maps

1. Baker lake Inuit territory in Northern Canada

The man, who identified himself as "Dr. Boylan" believes that the shaded area in this picture and in some other locations, hiding extraterrestrial beacons aliens.

2. Air force base Ramstein, Germany

This NATO air base is the starting point for the forces of "operation Iraqi freedom", and for that reason can certainly be a target for terrorist attacks. This may explain why the object is partially cut from Google Maps.

3. Pacific Northwest, USA

What we don't see in this picture? This place is located near the border of the States of Washington and Oregon. Enthusiasts personally examined this place and found nothing remarkable, except for the sinister-looking fence and no marked entrance.

4. Refinery Casalabate, Hungary

This is one of the most bizarre specimens censorship in Google Maps – this place is painted green. The plant site is removed and buildings are erased, and all you can see is grass.

5. Palace Huis Ten, The Netherlands

It is difficult to imagine that the Dutch Royal family would become the main target for a mad terrorist, but the Royal Palace Huis Ten heavily blurred on Google Maps when viewed from any angle. (However, the surrounding area and trees on close increase seen with crystal clarity).

6. Unknown area, Russia

No one knows what lies in this region. One view is that there is a "radar or missile interception", and some argue that the surrounding area is inserted from another region of Russia.

7. Mobil oil Corporation, Buffalo, new York, USA

Some have criticized the company Mobil Buffalo for of blur images of its businesses, saying that the oil corporations are not very interesting for terrorists. On the other hand, we don't know what do you think the terrorists themselves.

8. North Korea

About this country that is a member of the supposed "Axis of evil", heard it all, but very few have ever visited it. You also won't see it on Google Maps, since the whole country exists in the pictures, but no road markers, street names or any other identifying details.

9. Airbase at Reims, France

The reasons for this military air base is blocked in Google Maps, is unknown.

10. Air Force Base Volkel, Holland

Quite funny to see how rough this blurred air base on satellite images, however, WikiLeaks has published diplomatic correspondence, which confirms the presence of nuclear warheads on the territory of the base.

11. Colonel Sanders

This is the strange fact of Google: Colonel Sanders, the face of the network, Kentucky Fried Chicken, does not appear on any picture from Google Street View. This is because, according to Google representatives that Sanders was a real person, but images of real people have to be blurred on any pictures.

12. Faro Island, Denmark

It is believed that in this area there is some discreet military installations.

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