Prohibited places for display on Google Maps

1. Baker Lake Inuit territory in northern Kanade

A man who identified himself as "Dr. Boylan," believes that the blacked out area in this image and in some other locations hides extraterrestrial beacons aliens. 2. Air Force Base Ramstein, Germaniya

This NATO air base is the starting point for the forces of "Operation Iraqi Freedom", and for this reason, of course, may be a target for terrorist attacks. This may explain why the object is partially cut from Google Maps. 3. Pacific Northwest, SSHA

What is it we do not see in this photo? This place is located near the border of the states of Washington and Oregon. Enthusiasts personally inspected the place and found nothing remarkable except the sinister-looking fence and no marked entrance. 4. Refinery Shazalombatta, Vengriya

This is one of the most bizarre specimens censorship of Google Maps - this place just is painted green. The territory of the plant is removed, erased the building, and everything that you can see - it is a common grass. 5. Palace Hyuis Ten, Gollandiya

It is difficult to imagine that the Dutch royal family can become a prime target for terrorist mad, but the royal palace Hyuis Ten heavily blurred on Google Maps when viewed from any angle. (However, the surrounding area and the trees at the close increase seen with crystal clarity). 6. Unknown zone Rossiya

Nobody knows what is hiding in the region. One view - that there is a "radar or missile interception system," and some say that a picture is inserted surrounding area from another region of Russia. 7. Oil Corporation Mobil, Buffalo, New York, SSHA

Some criticized by Mobil Buffalo for blurring images of its businesses, saying that the oil companies is not much of interest to terrorists. On the other hand, we do not know what they think the terrorists themselves. 8. North Koreya

About this country, a member of the alleged "axis of evil", heard everything, but very few people have ever visited it. You also will not see it on Google Maps, because the whole country exists in the pictures, but no road markers, street names or any other identifying details. 9. The airbase at Reims, Frantsiya

Reasons for the air base locked in Google Maps, is unknown. 10. The power plant of Indian Point, New York, SSHA

Many members of the government of the United States called for a halt to the Indian Point power plant. In addition to environmental concerns, according to experts in the field of energy, the power plant is not strong enough to withstand an earthquake like the one that recently destroyed Japan. 11. Volkel Air Base, Gollandiya

Pretty fun to watch as roughly blurred air base in satellite images, but WikiLeaks has published diplomatic correspondence that confirms the presence of nuclear weapons on the territory of the base. 12. HAARP, Hakon, Alaska, SSHA

HAARP (Research program of high auroral) - is one of the most controversial operations that are ongoing in the United States. Hakon, space research, and ongoing experiments where the ionosphere, some conspiracy theorists are revered as the cause of anything - from floods to earthquakes, but this evidence is extremely small. 13. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Salinas, California, SSHA

This is one of the most bizarre examples of censorship in Google Maps: Raceway Laguna Seca in Salinas, California. The strange thing in this is the fact: it is obviously a harmless race track. 14. Babylon Irak

While the surrounding area is perfectly visible, the city of Babylon in the pictures blurred. You can bet it has something to do with the local rebels ... 15. National Park Tantauko, Chili

For some reason, this reserve of endangered species completely excised from Google Maps? Nobody knows. 16. "The Hill", a correctional facility in Elmira, SSHA

This prison is the highest level of reliability in the state of New York. Perhaps, after the riots in Attica prison, and several incidents of mass uprisings and shoots all over the world, the authorities can really worry about the possibility of escape with the help of helicopters. 17. House Alexey Miller, Rossiya

According to Wikipedia, this place is a "private palace, executive director of Gazprom Alexei Miller." But why he preferred to all other people? Maybe we're just not powerful enough to convince Google to cut our homes with satellite imagery. 18. Colonel Sanders

This is the strange fact from Google: Colonel Sanders, the face of the network Kentucky Fried Chicken, does not appear on any picture from Google Street View. This is because, according to representatives of Google, which Sanders was a real person, and the images of real people have to be washed out on all images. 19. The Faroe Islands, Daniya

It is believed that in this area there are some neafishiruemye military installations. 20. The NATO Headquarters, Portugaliya

This image would be the most fun if it did not have such a sinister context. Whoever edited the picture of the Portuguese headquarters of NATO, just copy some other area of ​​the earth surface over the image of the building. Very strange. 21. Nuclear Station in Seabrook, New Gempshir

It is believed that in the northeastern part of the United States is a nuclear power plant in Seabrook. 22 missile silos, Ispaniya

According to one researcher, "In this place there is a small building with something resembling a missile silo in the middle. What is strange - this area is not locked in Yahoo! Maps, but its image is not Google Maps ». 23. Nuclear Zone, Frantsiya

We're not quite sure, which means «The Marcoule site of the Commissariat l'Energie Atomique», but we think that the word «atomique» here is the key.



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