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«Now there is a crisis of human resources": Ken Robinson about the search itself and the right vybore.Ser Ken Robinson - a specialist in the field of innovation, creativity and human resources consultant Governments and leading cultural events . Knighted in 2003 for his merits in the development of education and the arts. In his speech at The School of Life London's Conway Hall, the oldest of the existing societies of free thought, Robinson argues that the reason for our mistakes - not excessive, but on the contrary, too low expectations.

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- Several years ago, my wife Terry were wonderful event called the World Summit Vancouver. It was attended by about three thousand people, and it was organized by the Dalai Lama in Vancouver. I had to moderate the introductory part. Participants of the conference were very interesting. There was, for example, Matthew Ricard - French biologist who became a Tibetan monk. His father was a philosopher, and Matthew said that in their house constantly came all these people, until he was a child - their guest visited Samuel Beckett and Albert Camus. The cream of French intellectual society had dinner with them. They came Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. They were at the center of French intellectual discourse, and Matthew was invited to the table with them. But something in all this did not suit him up until he saw a news report about the Tibetan monks who came to Paris. Matthew remarked that they looked incredibly happy. Like you see the prophets came from the ancient times. Their clothes, all in their appearance radiates happiness.

Being in the right place - not to be successful from a commercial point of view. But this guarantees you spiritual satisfaction All these intellectuals who came to visit them, leading the minds of the European tradition of the battle looked completely uncertainty and doubt. They proclaimed a lot of the principles of the good life, but Matthew is somehow not very convincing. So he went to Tibet and joined the monastery. To date, he spent 30 years and included in a circle close to the Dalai Lama. He conducted a detailed study of meditation at the level of the central nervous system, and the results of his observations, in fact, is very interesting from the scientific point of view. So, Matthew Ricard today officially recognized as the happiest man on Earth. However, this is probably a heavy burden - from a social point of view. Nowhere can not seem unhappily. Each time, going out on the street, you are obliged to smile, they say, everything is cool.

At the conference, I had to lead the discussion and present members. The first problem that I encountered was the question of how to present the Dalai Lama. And then I realized - in fact I do not need to say anything about it. It's almost a common noun.

The Dalai Lama said many wonderful things. For example, someone asked him: "For you to use the word" holiness ", what do you think?" He thought and thought for a minute. Then he leaned forward, and mentally we all, 2000 people, too, leaned forward, thinking, "Who will be something incredible. This is the Dalai Lama. The question sounded, he was silent for a long time, and now we hear the splash. " And then he said, "I do not know." We were stunned. What do you mean "do not know"? You - the Dalai Lama. That we do not know. And you should know. The beauty of this moment, however, was the fact that it was the moment of admission - for the entire audience. Because the interpretation of the things which he transcribed a little later, was the fact that he does not know because he had not thought about it before. You see, he thought about many things, but not about this.

© Dalailamacenter. Eckhart Tolle, 14th Dalai Lama and Ken Robinson on Vancouver Peace Summit.

And I think it's just wonderful - the answer "I do not know." In our culture we do not know - so wronged society. Is not it? People are constantly pretend that they know about the heap of all, in fact, not having the faintest notion. Because the worst thing you can do in the European tradition - is to show that you do not know, you do not have an opinion. News reports nourish this belief, they give us an opinion on credit, like banking.

The Dalai Lama says just being born - this is a miracle, and the big question is what will you do with your life now that you have it. What - to spend it for nothing? Or make it something interesting? Something that is important - for you, at least? So that's what amazes me in a very long time is very, very many spend their entire lives doing things to which they do not really have any idea of ​​the case. They just try to go through all the forces working week, they try to endure while waiting for the weekend and did not feel any satisfaction from the work done in the best case - refer to his work with tolerance, in the worst - without her.

Most people can not imagine what they can not know what is actually made up their talents, what are their capabilities. And because many conclude that they did not have any talent

From my point of view, now there is a crisis of human resources. By this we mean a serious problem - most people can not imagine what they can not know what is actually made up their talents, what are their capabilities. Many therefore conclude that they did not have any talent. My own deepest conviction is that we are all born with talents and abilities. If you're a man, it's in your blood. I am convinced that the most important distinction of the human being from all others - is the power of imagination.

You know, if you have a dog that intellectually they do not change too much, is not it? You do not drop in on the dogs at the light - to see what they have there new. What have you there? That now you doing? Yes, all the same. We have a past. People always something going on, nothing stands still. This is because in addition to the imagination, we have a direct consequence of it - creativity, which we use in order to create something new. And we are born with this as well as we are born with the ability to articulate speech and to the thought process. The difference is that one opens at any capacity, and the other - no. Therefore, the latter often come to the conclusion that they do not have these abilities. I often meet people who have definitely found their calling, innate talents. They love what they do, and their lives are directly linked to it. They are doing something that they have a natural predisposition, you know - they know how to do it.

I wrote in my book about a man by the name of Terence Tao, and I talked about it, because he is extremely talented in the area in which I did not understand absolutely nothing - in mathematics. Terence mathematician, he works at UCLA in Los Angeles. Terence learned to read at age three, watching "Sesame Street" - so he has a bit of a strange accent. At four he could do in the mind with double-digit calculation, which I personally can not do until now. At the age of eight years, he wrote the test at the level of the final exam in college and received a score of 90 percent. At age 14, he defended his doctorate in abstract mathematics. In 30 years, he received the Fields Medal, which is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the world of mathematics. In short, all of this I want to say one thing - Terence understand mathematics. He has a natural predisposition to it.

One of the main signs that you are in the right place, is that your sense of time changes

I also included in the book a woman named Eva Lawrence, whom he met on the plane. I asked her what she was doing, and she replied: "professional pool game." Read about it - Eva Lawrence nicknamed Striking Viking (Smashing Viking). She is from a small town north of Stockholm. When she was twelve years old, she went with her brother in this town with various entertainment, and there they went to the billiard room. When they entered, she froze at the door in disbelief. I asked what she saw this. Eva said: "It was a magical Aladdin's cave - something fantastic. A dark room with green light circles and people leaning over the table. As if the church. And the sound of hitting each other balls! Their bright color on the green fabric. It was so exciting ».

As a result, she became a champion of the local competition and then she took part in other championships. She became the champion of the national championship in Sweden, took part in the European Championships and won them too. After that, she founded the first women's world billiard league that now exists at the international level. She arranges competitions, master classes, wrote a book and regularly appears on television. She loves it all. And she told me: "When I go to the pool table, I still can not say when was I had twenty minutes to three hours. At this point, I lose all sense of time. And the most interesting thing I hated geometry, when I was in school. But the pool - it's geometry in action. When the ball moves along the surface of the table, you see all the new angles and shapes. I now use a pool to teach kids geometry - the discipline that I myself do not like ».

So, one of the main signs that you are in the right place, is that your sense of time changes. You know how it is - when you're doing something, what you do not belong to the soul five minutes seem hour. When you enjoy what you are doing, time seems to five minutes. One important component - the ability, the other - the passion. Not good enough to do some business to be in place. I know many people who are true professionals in what they do, but they do not like what they do.

I am convinced that if you are in the right place, do what you want to do, what is your soul, then this lesson will never have to empty and weary, but on the contrary, energize, stimulate. When I speak about the crisis of human resources, it seems to me that it is mainly because many people rejected the abilities that they have. I know a lot of people who had the chance to develop their innate talents, and so they understand your purpose in life. Others helped those who spotted the talent in them before they notice it themselves.

Almost every story there is someone who has helped and supported the man. The last example I want to give you - a guy named Bart Conner. When Bart was six, he found that he could walk on his hands as deftly as in the legs. I do not know how he found out, but it was. He said later that the benefits of this skill was not special, but the popularity he gained. Every time during the party, when the conversation died down, someone said to him, "Bart and Show me the room on his hands", and the conversation immediately renewed. Walking on his hands was just a "gimmick Bart" for home parties. But Bart's mother when he was 8, he arranged for a local gym center. He said after: "I will never forget the feeling experienced when he entered the gym. It was a cross between Santa Claus grotto and Disneyland. It was intoxicating feeling. " I asked him why. He said, "Well, there were balls, trampolines, ropes, mats." Look, here you did well feel when you walk into the gym? I think not all.

He began to walk, and soon spent there every day because he liked it. Ten years later, he stepped onto the mat of the Olympic Games in order to introduce them to America. He became the most successful gymnast in US history. He now lives in Norman, Oklahoma, and is married to Nadia Comaneci. You remember her? The first gold medal in women's gymnastics. They have a son, a beautiful boy named Dylan - in honor of Bob Dylan. He and Nadia has its own gym facility, and the two leading artists of the Olympic Movement.

So, a few words about this whole story. First, the mother of Bart could tell him as a child: "Listen, come to walk on his hands. We understand that you it can, and now and forget to do your homework. " But she did not, she encouraged him, and so he began to live a fabulous life. However, there should be "second." Although she supported him, she did not know about the way that he has to go. She could not predict. Because life is not linear. I am sure that my mother did not think Bart: "Okay, here's Bart him six, he can stand on his hands, and in Romania there is this girl, and here I have an album of Bob Dylan." It all happened naturally. And the fact that we ourselves create our life - it is creating - is the greatest thing a human being. We are not obliged to follow any one day set course, we can change it, not only to create but also alter. And more likely that we will deal in the reshaping of the case to find yourself something that gives us pleasure and brings joy. Because in fact, the only thing that matters - is energy.

I am sure a lot of people are unable to discover their talents: the system puts its priorities, it encourages some talents and marginalizes the majority of others. And it turns out that if there is something you do not know, for example, you bad at math, think about you, that you bad with everything and you can not do anything. And so we need to deal with this educational system. The same applies to workplaces. But we must begin, of course, themselves.

The key phrase of the Vancouver summit, told the Dalai Lama, is that you can not fight for peace in the world, if you are angry. But most importantly, it seems to me, can be summarized in the words of Carl Gustav Jung: "I am not what happened to me, I - what I decided to become." The same George Kelly said: "No one should be a victim of his own biography." And if Jung claimed that we - what we have chosen to become what he had in mind that we face a lot of choices, and we must do everything possible to examine all of them and make a right.

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