39 ideas that will help you to live, not to exist

Too often we go through life on autopilot, not noticing anything around. Every new day is like the previous one. It seems normal. Now.

But if you look back at your life in old age, you might regret it. If you want to truly live, you must enjoy life to the fullest. Here are a few ideas that will help you with this:

Love. This is probably the most important thing. It is love that fills human life with meaning. Love for family, friends, loved ones, love for your soulmate, love of animals.

Enjoy the nature. Do not allow yourself to sit within four walls. Go outside when there is a drizzle. Take a stroll along the river. Relax in the woods. Take a dip in the lake. Soak up the sun. Play badminton. Walk barefoot on the grass. Enjoy the nature.

Appreciate food. The love for food should not necessarily be expressed in quantity of consumption. Learn to appreciate the aroma and taste what you eat. Every morsel of food should bring you pleasure. If you limit yourself to sweet, filling the lack of other Goodies, such as berries and fruits. During the meal, take your time, enjoy it slowly.

Create a morning ritual. Get up early in the morning and meet the new day. View the sun rise. Tell yourself that you are not going to let this day pass away. You'll try today to help people, and enjoy every moment gifted to you new day. Exercise or meditate in the morning ritual. Enjoy a Cup of coffee.

Get the chances. Often we are too cautious, worrying that something could go wrong. Be bold, don't be afraid to take risks. Think — what can you lose?

Worry. Find what excites you in this life and follow it. Make your life a series of exciting adventures.

Define your preferences. This is necessary in order to find your calling. To do this, answer the following questions: what do you enjoy doing? Do what you really like. Don't forget that you only live once.

Get out of your office. You sit all day in front of a computer, answering phone calls and sorting out piles of papers? Try at least to spend their day differently. Take a break, get away from the office. Try to work in a cafe or in the fresh air, taking the notebook. A change of scenery. If you are not satisfied with your job, find a job with a flexible schedule or at home.

Turn off the TV. How many hours do you spend watching television daily. What you could do during this time? Considered? Then rather switch off the TV and turn it on only when you want to look at the DVD of your favorite movie. Find an alternative to TV. Read more.

Go beyond the Internet. Most of the time that you spend online is time lost in vain, that you will never return. Unplug the Internet, remove to fresh air, take a walk. Do it right now!

Travel. You are away from your hometown only during the holidays? Why wait so long? Find a way to get outside of the city already this weekend. Take a trip to a neighboring area or on the nature with tents.

Define what really important. Allocate one hour to write the list of what really matters to you. Add to this list what you want to do in this life. Now reduce the list to 4-5 items. This is the most important in your life. Focus on these points, give each of them time.

Dispose of all unnecessary. That your life was not included in this list? This is what you are wasting your time and attention. What distracts you from what's really important in your life. Simplify your life as possible. Pinch all the excess to a minimum.

Practice. Get off the couch and go for a walk. Try to take an evening jog. Go swimming, take a bike ride. Whatever you do, be active.

Be positive. Learn to recognize your negative emotions. It's insecurity, fear of criticism, envy, resentment, etc. If you have similar emotions, stop and try to replace them with positive emotions. Just dare and you will do it!

Open your heart. Is your heart closed? Try to open it. Accept and give love unconditionally. If you have any with it any problems, talk about them with someone. Practice as much as possible. Love and be loved.

Gotta face your fear. What do you fear most in the world? What keeps you in one place, not allowing me to move on. You have to meet your fear face to face. For example, if you are afraid of heights, climb to the roof of a high building and look down or jump with a parachute. Only standing directly in front of your fear, you will be able to get rid of it.

When you suffer, suffer. Life is not always fun and games. Suffering is an integral part of it. They cannot be avoided. Can happen anything: you can lose your job, loved one, loved ones or Pets. You can just get hurt or become seriously ill. We can't continue to build from a strong person and ignore their suffering. Sometimes you need to suffer to move on.

Slow down. Nowadays, life moves forward at a rapid pace. This can positively affect our health. Try to do everything a little slower, eat, drive a car, read, etc.

Touch of humanity. Get out of your house and strolling. Meet new people, talk to them, understand them, become one of them.

Do some volunteering. Help the homeless and the poor with money, clothes or food. You may be able to ease someone's suffering? Help the sick, the disabled, people who have lost loved ones.

Play with your kids. Children better that anyone else know what it is to live. They know how to live in the moment. They enjoy life to the fullest. When they are bad, they cry when a good laugh. Playing and communicating with them, you will be able to learn from them sincerity and spontaneity.

Talk to old people. Elderly people — the most experienced, wise and prudent. They can tell you many interesting things. Based on his own life experience, they can give many useful tips and advice. They can also warn you against some mistakes which they have committed themselves. Their wisdom is the wisdom of our society. It is foolish not to take advantage of her help.

Get new skills. Improve constantly. Not because at the moment you are imperfect, and because you don't have to stop there. Self — improvement is fun. Learn to love yourself just as you are, but to strive to become even better.

Gain spirituality. For some it is God, Allah, Jesus or Buddha. For others the spirits of ancestors or nature. For third internal energy. Whatever spirituality is not meant for you, you should find it.

Take a vacation. Not too much you work? Don't forget that you have to relax. Take a break, relax, and then with new forces return to work.

Don't do anything. To do nothing is not meant to lie around with a book, watch TV or meditate. To do nothing is to do nothing. Just sit in silence, listen to your inner voice. Try to do it daily.

Stop playing computer games. Computer games are fun, but they take too much time. Try not to play them at least a week. Try to spend on the street and then the time you used to spend in front of the monitor.

Look at the sunset. Sunset is one of the most beautiful moments of the day. Get a daily ritual — find a place offering beautiful views of the sunset and watch it, you can do it during dinner.

Stop read magazines. Modern logs is mostly a waste of time and money. Be more selective, subscribing to another magazine or buying it at the kiosk. Better yet — read books.

Removing yourself from your routine. You have to do the same thing every day? Try to make some changes. Try to get to work by another route, start your day as usual, look at your job in new ways.

Don't watch too much news. It's depressing and useless. If you are addicted to press, it may be difficult for you. Try to learn about the latest news in conversations with friends.

Laugh to tears. Laughter is one of the best ways to feel alive. Remember any joke, read a joke, watch a Comedy, laugh with other people. Love laughter and appreciate it.

Lose control. We are talking not only about control, but control over other people. Trying to control others is a very bad habit. This can lead to stress and other various troubles. Let us live to ourselves and others.

Cry. It is considered that people are not supposed to cry, especially men. This is not so. When a man cries, he gives vent to his emotions. If he keeps them, they accumulate and create issues. That can't happen. Cry when watching sad movies, cry at the funeral. Do not limit yourself. Cry, if someone made you suffer. Thus you can purify yourself.

Make the dessert. You can make pancakes with a fruit filling, pour over ice cream or hot chocolate to make an Apple pie. You don't have to do it daily. Pamper yourself at least once a week.

Try something new every week. Every Monday, ask yourself the question: "What new I'm going to try this week?" You don't have to learn every week a new language, just looking for new experiences. Try new things, to understand whether you need this in your life.

Live in the here and now. Instead of worrying about what you can happen, to plan, to remember and regret the past, think about what happens to you in the moment. What surrounds you? What do you feel? What smells around you? What thoughts do you have? What you see before you? Pay more attention to the present, because life is the moment.published


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