23 unexpected entry in the school diary

Students present and former, happy to spread the network of Pearl teacher comments. A Website gathered the toughest of them in one material.

Undernourished child.

What a scoundrel!

There's a smell of a toilet ....

The iron logic.

Maybe he just got carried away raw food diet?

Straight lean years any.

Parents with a sense of humor - that's fine.

Added new touches.

We hope that at least in the English critics.

He's just a citizen of the world.

Bella, well, they do not feel ashamed ?!

It happens to everyone.

With pantyhose on his head on a bus, you can still play. Too fun.


"Manages during lesson play Doodle Jump, broke the record of a classmate. Joy knew no bounds ».

We had to take.

Spiderman in the school.

And other citizens with superpowers.

The support of the world protest against the harassment of gays in Russia.


But historically.

In any unclear situation - run!

This fun school.

In our schools do a lot of the people howl, as can be seen.

Talk with the children in their own language.

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