How to get rid of the ugly of the withers on the back

The presence of the withers or widow's hump bothers many women, especially older than 45 years. Looks like this defect very unattractive — see for yourself in the picture.

What is the reason for the formation of the widow's hump?

Possible options may be several.

1. Changes in the cervical spine, most often in the 7th cervical vertebra and the first thoracic

2. Muscle spasm back of the neck

3. Poor lymphatic drainage, leading to stagnation of tissue fluid and formation of edema

4. Fat due to poor circulation of energy and blood

How to remove a widow's hump?

I'll give you a simple and effective exercise to get rid of this unpleasant fat deposition.

Pre-heat the muscles of the neck. Or just do some easy head turns.

1. Exercise can be done standing or sitting. If you are sitting, the back should be smooth and the chair should be backless.

2. Straight arms leads back and interlock back to the castle, while the inner side of the palms deployed to back, and back outside.

3. Raise joined hands up as far as you can.When it comes down to the scapula.

4. Very carefully, slowly, throws back her head back, the back of his head pull it back. If You have high blood pressure, skip this part or do it very very careful.

5. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

6. Slowly and gently return your head to its original position and put your hands down.

7. If you know the technique of breathing bodyflex, then do this exercise on breath-hold 8 sec. (this will be instead of 5).

8. Relax your muscles - drop your head on your chin and pull your chin to your chest.

9. Make smoothing massage — diverging movements from the spine to the shoulders knead the muscles of the neck and shoulders (see the picture). Pushes do with power. Make 8 such movements.

10. Repeat entire exercise 3 times.


Head turning: the technique of liberation from the clamps, back problems and neckan Effective exercise in the stagnation of lymph in the legs and not only

This exercise also relieves muscle tension back of the neck and back from constant sedentary work.

If you have a lot of time at the computer, then perform each exercise for prevention.

Do the move so that there was no discomfort.

If you find it difficult to hold this position for 30 seconds, then do as much as you can. Over time you can increase the run time of this phase of the exercise.

How often to do the exercise against the withers?

For prevention make the movement at least every other day. If you already have an ugly withers, do exercise 2-3 times a day, as soon as you allow the time and place

The main rule — regularity, then the effect is sure to be! published


Author: Galina Apolonskaya




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