Hormonal anti-aging exercises — 5 minutes a day!

The exercises practiced by the monks in one of the Tibetan monasteries. It takes just five minutes a day. Hormonal Tibetan exercises allows you to support all of the endocrine glands that produce hormones, in young state, at the age of about 25 - 30 years.

This gym is very easy. Doing it right in bed. It is desirable to Wake up at six in the morning.

Exercise 1. Rubs hands.

Lying on the bed rubbing hands for a few seconds, until they become hot. At the same time prediagnostic his aura at the moment. If your palms dry and hot, with energy all is well in the body. If your palms are warm, then the aura is reduced. If the palm does not warm up and become humid, it indicates a serious failure in the body. In any case, do the exercises, as it will allow you to get rid of all the failures and diseases.

Exercise 2. Palming.

Hot palms lay on the eyeballs. Start pressure on the eye at the following rate: one second - one movement. So, make 30 movements per 30 seconds. Then leave the palm on the eyes and keep at least another thirty seconds, and if you have poor eyesight, it is better for about two minutes. At this time there is the nutrition of the eyeball and all the buds around. Will gradually improve eyesight. Will recover in addition to view and natural hair color.

Exercise 3. Pumped ears.

This exercise is shown in figure above. Presses the hands on the ears, the fingers on the back of the head, palms pressed to the ears and doing 30 movements in the rate of 1 movement per second. For some time may begin to show symptoms of chronic diseases you have, especially if they are connected with the ears. Don't stop exercise, just make them "softer", if there is pain. After some time passes, chronic inflammation of the ear. It will also improve the hearing. Almost six months can pass all chronic diseases. To cure serious diseases may require longer time, a year or two.

Exercise 4. A face-lift.

The following exercise: put your thumb behind your ear, his hands compressed into fists and begin a facelift from the chin to the ears, pushing hard on the face. Do also 30 times. After this exercise you may feel a rush of blood to the face and even a little sweat. The face lifts, improves lymphatic flow.

Exercise 5. Massage of the forehead.

Then place your right palm on the forehead, on the left and begin a rubbing motion from temple to temple. You can not touch the hands of the forehead, making a distance of a few centimeters from his face. But if you want to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead, it is necessary to touch the skin. Do also 30 seconds for 30 moves. This exercise heals all the sinuses and stimulates the pituitary gland.

Exercise 6. Massage the crown.

This exercise acts on the parietal region. We "fly" handles over your head. Under the neck, put a cushion or a collapsible pillow, hands interlaced in the ring. The right hand bottom, left hand rests on top. Start doing the movement a few inches from the head from forehead to neck. Do 30 times. Then "hang" over the head and do the movement from one ear to the other. Also 30 times. This exercise is very good for those who have a high or low pressure. Pressure will come to normal. When this exercise improves mobility of the shoulder joints, and defined arm muscles. Are pain in the shoulders, and if you haven't been able to put his hands up, then after a while you will be able to do it.

Exercise 7. Massage of the thyroid gland.

The following exercise: place your right hand on the thyroid, the left hand is placed on top. Start doing the movement with the left arm from the thyroid to the umbilicus at a distance of several centimeters from the body. So doing 30 movements. At the end put your left hand on the right and stay in this state for a few seconds.

Exercise 8. Massage of the abdomen.

Then slowly crouching with hands on the stomach, the following exercise: make a circular motion with hands on the stomach. Hands folded also: right at the bottom, DEWA top. Do 30 times. Is chronic constipation, normal bowel activity.

Exercise 9. Shake.

The following exercise should be done on the floor if you don't have enough hard bed. Arms and legs lift up, hands and feet are directed parallel to the floor. First, rotate the hands, wrists, and feet at the ankle joints, then make the shake. In this case we have improves blood circulation in the capillaries. Also clears subtle energetic channels. Count to 30 (if possible, do longer).

Exercise 10. Rubbing stop.

The following exercise: sit down and begin to massage the feet. You can do them at the same time, we can take turns, first one foot, then the other. If the foot is dry, then lubricate them with some oil, like olive. Upon detection of foot pain points, give them attention. Especially stay on top of the center of the foot. At the end RUB the legs from the bottom up. Do 30 seconds or longer.



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That's the whole complex!

So again: hormonal Tibetan exercises allows you to harmonize the work of all glands of internal secretion. And the hormones we supervise the activities of the whole organism. It's like a good conductor in the orchestra!

You will be able to restore your health with the help of this type of exercise for a period of six months to several years, depending on the severity of existing diseases, under the condition that you will do this exercises continuously. At the same time you will feel energetic and will add at least 25 years of life.

After some time you will simply not be able to do without this simple exercise. Exercise is best before six in the morning, but if you can't, do it during the day.published


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