Sananda. Love is life!

Sananda. Love is life!
3 January 2016.

I feel very strong energy of Sananda. I am happy that he has honored us with his presence. He says:

"I came to tell you that there is nothing more important than love, in this world and beyond. Love is the cementing energy that connects all life! Love is Light and Love is God, Love is your Father!

I came into this world many times and in very different times, as in the old, and in the recent, relevant only two thousand terrestrial years.

I have given the doctrine, wanting to raise the consciousness of people, wanting to show them that salvation comes only through love. I also said that all the hearts, hungry for love, it will be filled. If you call upon vibration of Love, you will grow in this vibration!

I'm here to give you much more than you think; to give you a feel for what you have; to awaken your heart, to make him open up and blossom into this beautiful vibration that takes up the human mind and soul.

Brothers of the Earth, so beloved by me, get ready! Be prepared to receive the holy grail of love, because your world has been conceived in order to get this great Love! All living things, all living will get it! The more you open your heart, the more I will be able to fill them of the great love that I love you!

Who am I now? You can call me Sananda, you can call me Jesus, you can call me any name that you want! If you are more comfortable with, you can just think of me as a Being of Love and Light. Think of me as being quite immaterial, having such a vibration that you can not even imagine; a creature that has passed into the higher realms, inhabited by "the demigods." But my role is not included among the demigods remain there, my role has always been and is lead by the hand of my human brothers, higher and higher.

I am not connected, and has never been associated with any religion! People have created religion of my name, but I never asked for it! I just wanted to bring people the tools to move forward, which I did until now through loving sincere channelers.

What I sow in you, you have to get it back somehow, through his kindness, through understanding, through the love that comes from you through your wisdom, through his sensitivity and through all those qualities that you are being moving forward. In other words, I feed off all the most beautiful in you.

I see him with a delightful smile on his lips. He tells me:

"If you really need is love, if you really implies a great love in all its manifestations, all the great Beings, which concern me, help you!

Anyone who is looking for love, will find it! He who seeks Wisdom, will find it! Whoever seeks joy begins to show her from the depths of myself! Ogronaya assistance will be given to workers of the Light, a seeker of truth, that you are!

The really deep thoughts of love couples. If you have a deep thought about what I am, you are connecting with me and help that I give you, it is more effective. Connecting with thoughts occur at all levels in the human, in the subtle levels of light and very, very high levels.

I ask you to continue the work begun by my two thousand years ago. Now you have all the tools to do it, because since you lived many lives; You have learned much, much loved, suffered greatly, so that you can now continue my business, everyone - in its own way, each with a capacity to love, with his confidence in what he is.

Love, love, and love again, without getting tired! Affirm to yourself that you are beings of Love and Light!

Every time you think of someone whom you love, you can give him the love; you can also send him strength and help it grow.

Love Vibration also protects and helps beings do not go astray; Light is that you give to them on their way.

So I enjoy more and more; I love hard! That's what I did when I was among the people, and that's what I continue to do, where I am; I can be on ships, I can be in other places; also, like you, I just live a few realities.

I'm not saying that I am multidimensional, but in some way I exist at several levels: at the level corresponding to what you have in the world, only a thousand times more powerful, and at the level of what I have on the ships. Again, I am so different; also, as you have so much more at sraneniyu with your little human personality!

More I want to say: "Love one another, accept ourselves as what you eat!

And among you, and around you, and outside the dense world, there are many creatures that help you and watching you, they are your guides and your brothers of Light. So thank them for all that they do for you, and just remember, and remember sometimes about them! Please send them your love, send love around the world, the solar system, the entire Universe!

Children of the Earth, Love is the most precious! Love is life! There is no life without love! ยป



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