Seven bodies of man

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Did you know that all diseases of the physical body begins with the subtle body (the subtle bodies of man)?

In our enlightened age we all know that man consists of SEVEN bodies (see figure). On the physical level of the disease arise when the energy-occurring disorders — deformation of the bodies. This article is about the causes of deformation, and methods of their elimination.

Have you ever wondered why some children are healthy at birth and the first days of life are doomed to disease?

Healthy, first of all, welcome children. If for some reason the child's parents doubt whether they want this child or not is the first subconscious stress for the unborn baby, that is the energy-kick that remains on a subtle level in the form of deformation energy of the shell.

Then, if the birth was difficult, the child receives another shot. He certainly can't remember these attacks, but they have already left their mark and with each new blow to accumulate their adverse effects on the little man.
Weaning, teething, nursery, kindergarten, relationship in the family, fear, trauma, the first difficulties in learning, relationships with peers, emotional distress and more in varying degrees, is subconscious stress. Problems of the kind – the whole spectrum of genetic diseases in the paternal and maternal lines become a burden to human health.

Puberty is a difficult period, during which the body goes through a series of biological changes, and for many this period is to receive a large amount of subconscious stress — energy-strikes. As noted by the eminent physiologist P. K. Anokhin, "enough to encounter emotional arousal, as immediately the entire body with all its systems and peripheral organs is involved in emotional expression".

In puberty increases the risk of various diseases, from hormonal disorders to diabetes and cancer.

The process of age development of the organism is closely connected with social and other environmental conditions in which man lives. And, even if this environment is prosperous, it is impossible to avoid new shocks, and hence the strain energy of shells.

To a specific point in the life of the man on the thin plan can accumulate a huge amount of energy-information of violations that result in those or other diseases, since any stable deformation energy of the shell leads to functional disturbances in the body.

Now, let us examine what problems arise when the deformation of thin bodies, that is, when the energy-informational violations.


Responsible for vitality, endurance, activity, health and ability to exist in the material world.

The deformation — autism, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, infectious diseases, lowered immunity, diabetes, diseases of the urinary tract, legs, and mental disorders.


Responsible for marriage, family, sensitivity, cheerfulness, gratitude, sexuality.

The deformation — alcoholism, drug abuse, homosexuality, lesbianism, infertility, impotence, frigidity, diseases of the genitourinary system.


Responsible for the ability to think abstractly, to analyze, to organize, to manage, to take responsibility, to develop intellectually.

The deformation — impaired memory, speech, monitor physical activity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, vision loss.


Responsible for the ability to love, to respect, to compassion, to accept, to build partnerships.

The deformation originate AIDS, hepatitis C, depression, depression, unwillingness to live, chronic fatigue syndrome, cardiovascular disease, allergies, leukemia, breast disease.


Responsible for the ability to create, to be creative, to Express themselves, to go their own way, to be free, no one to depend on; developed self-knowledge and introspection.

During deformation, the person feels inferior, self-absorbed, closed, goes in the illusory world, is experiencing severe depression, has been self-blame; diseases of the Central nervous system, respiratory system, violation of the vocal apparatus.


Responsible for over ability, harmony, serenity, and acceptance of all aspects of life in yourself and others,

When deformation occurs confusion, hallucinations, mental disorders, headaches, blurred vision and hearing, dementia.

Negative endogenous (developing inside) and exogenous (affecting from outside) influence, in turn, lead to DNA mutations, genetic information is passed on to descendants.

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