26 options for the filling for deviled eggs

Deviled eggs. 26 options for the filling

1. Fry the finely chopped onion and mix with the yolk.

2. Cheese with garlic, mayonnaise and yolk.

3. Yolk with chopped olives or olives and mayonnaise.

4. Red or black caviar. Without the yolk.

5. Cheese on a small grater, walnuts plus mayonnaise and garlic. Decorate with halves of walnut.

6. Tuna or salmon with black olives.

7. Shrimp with egg yolk. Top – a boiled shrimp.

8. Yolk, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles – grated or small pieces.

9. Cod liver, fried onion plus egg yolk.

10. Ham, greens, egg yolk.

11. Any pie with egg yolk.

12. Any smoked fish with yolk.

13. Fried mushrooms, sour cream and egg yolk.

14. Salted herring, fresh apples and pickled onions.

15. Green peas, egg yolk and mayonnaise.

16. Avocado with crab meat and mayonnaise.

17. Mushrooms, egg yolk, spices, mayonnaise.

18. Yolk, fried onions.

19. Yolk, fried in butter, onions, mushrooms better fried (e.g. chanterelles), sour cream.

20. Yolk, fried onion, salmon oil or cod liver oil.

21. Yolk, boiled and roasted champignons (mushrooms), ham, fried onions and mayonnaise.

22. Yolk, green peas or green beans from a can. To wipe all and generously season with spices.

23. Shrimp, figs, garlic and mayonnaise.

24. Herring forshmak.

25. Goose liver cut into thin slices and fry along with the sliced onions, mix the egg yolks with butter and Bechamel sauce, season with salt, black pepper and brandy, stuffed eggs sprinkle them with white sauce.

26. Krill meat

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