John Cheese: the Top 5 mistakes beginner cook

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Currently, many of those who are reading my article, come into a phase of life when they need the ability to really cook, not just mix water with a particular powder. Because of the lack of practice most of you are completely unable to deal with it.

At least I couldn't. However, in the last two years I devoted myself entirely to the cooking – not only because I'm greedy white devil, absolutely devoid of will power and self-control, but mostly because cooking is a great way to relieve accumulated stress. Having prepared a huge number of increasingly mouth-watering dishes, hundreds of times hear Gordon Ramsey screaming "idiot" at people in white aprons, I've compiled a list of the most common mistakes that, I think, does every beginner cook. Test yourself…

No. 5 a good cook too in a hurry to slice the meat

That usually make novice cooks

You spent half an hour on cooking a perfect dish, and your stomach is impatiently growling. The smell is such, that to resist him is impossible, and you can't wait any longer, because they are able to control yourself better not a 4 month old puppy. So you pull the meat from the oven, and thank God it's finally ready. You begin to cut, while everywhere flowing meat juices. This is a good sign. Juicy meat delicious. However, when you take a bite, you realize that something is wrong.

How the hell can the meat be so dry, if it just oozing brown juice? In fact the problem: all the juice is now on your plate, and not in meat. You did not wait until the meat "rest" before you slice.

Why it is not worth doing

What, you thought all the tips on what foods you must stand for five minutes before it is, give only in order to allow them to cool and you're not burned like a Berk? There is a much more serious problem: when the meat is heated during cooking, the juice inside of it starts to "boil" from the inside out. In fact, in the process of cooking meat, the muscle cells contract, pushing juices. That is why when you put a dry piece of meat in the oven to end cooking under it formed a little puddle of juice – and it's not the bacon fat.

When you pull the meat out of the oven it continues to cook for another few minutes. The residual heat from the surface of the meat should be balanced at the expense of the less hot mid-piece, so the middle piece is heated while the surface cools. It is very important to know because while the meat is resting, the process of establishing the balance temperature reaches its peak, and then the entire piece as a whole begins to cool – now the muscle cells start to relax, turning into a kind of sponge and sucking back the liquid that they gave previously. Much like your bear costume purchased on Craigslist.

If you start to slice the meat, before it rested and absorbed the moisture, you deprive him of the juice, making it dragged more dry than if you leave it to rest for a few minutes. A good rule in this case is to leave the roasted piece of meat for 15-20 minutes on the turned off stove, where it's still warm, but not hot. Or cover it with foil to keep it warm. Small pieces of meat – steak or chicken – it takes from 5 to 10 minutes. If the witch from "Hansel and Gretel" was known by this rule, it is likely she would have left large pieces of meat – that is, children – to rest for half an hour and even hours.

No. 4 Bad cooks at too high temperature

That usually make novice cooks

Recommendation "don't burn your dish" seems quite obvious – on the verge of insulting — point list of tips for cooking, however, too high temperature is perhaps the most common mistake novice cooks around the world. In the end, you're hungry as a wolf, and you have only 15 minutes, while swinging a pirated copy of "Dog-karate". So in anticipation of how Chevy chase will be awkward to pronounce words with the voice of a dog, which for 99% of the movie shows no karate, you throw a huge piece of meat into the pan, twisting to limit the temperature handle and begin to swear and spoil your dinner. You only need five minutes to cook your meat at that temperature, isn't it?

In the end, the fire is a loyal friend, he will never, never betray you.

Why it is not worth doing

The reason many novice cooks make this mistake is that high temperature is a great way to make food seem ready. Only a couple of minutes in a hot pan and your chicken will become the same Golden crust like the chick on the cover of glossy restaurant menu. Then you take one bite and realize that inside he's still the same pink and it still is home to millions of bacteria.

In fact, there are only a few dishes for cooking which require high temperature. This pieces of meat like steak "new York" and t-bone steak. Plate the zucchini. Some European types of burgers. Then there are those products that you need to cook outside rather than inside. Try to do this with chicken and you'll be in the hospital for gastric lavage.

In the case of more delicate products such as eggs, strong fire fried them on the bottom and around the edges while leaving the middle too runny, like deep-fried milt. No, most of the dishes require cooking for a moderate and moderately high temperature, because the lower the temperature, the better you can control the process. At lower temperatures the food is cooked more evenly because the surface is heated at a speed close to the speed of heating of the inner part.

If you have ever washed dishes you had to suffer with a frying pan, which had to scrape and soak for two hours to clean, that means you cooked at too high temperature and insufficient lubrication between the food and surface of this pan. The same thing happens when you cut a piece of pork or roast chicken that is burnt on the outside and left rare inside. The best way to make sure you are doing everything right, it is not easy to read a recipe, but to find a video which demonstrates the process of cooking. And still be a Scot.

No. 3 a good cook does not understand the pans

That usually make novice cooks

Pan is a frying pan. It's just a container used to put in his food during its preparation. Throw a piece in, turn on the burner, and it is fried.

Why it is not worth doing

I'm not going to tell you what a particular pot or pan, but most people don't cook cheese toasted sandwich in a teapot – and there are my reasons. Yes, different pots designed for cooking different dishes, and it's not just nitpicking demanding chefs, who want to seem elite. They're extremely attentive to the quality of their dishes. The chef can't do with just one pot in the same way as a mechanic will not be able to do their job using only one wrench. Different jobs require different tools.

Put a cast iron skillet for the most powerful fire, and everything will be fine. Do the same with a non-stick pan, and your house filled with acrid smoke in the spirit of Cheech and Chong without the special effects. Fry the potatoes in the pan, and you get a nice crispy crust that you wanted. Try to do the same thing in a large pot, intended for water heating, and its high walls will keep the steam, which will make the pieces of potatoes are soft and falling apart.

In addition, the size also matters. If you try to cook pasta in too small a pot, the pasta will allocate this amount of starch to a limited extent that eventually they will become sticky. You will need a bigger pot, with plenty of room and water for pasta was boiling, at the same time too each other without touching. The same thing happens when you try to put on a frying pan with too many pieces. It does not run out of space, and the meat is actually cooked in the allocated juice, which spoils its texture. To avoid this problem, you should split the contents into two pans.

Make no mistake, utensils for cooking is of great importance, because here we are talking about the texture of the finished dish. And if you think that the texture is not too important, imagine that you are eating your favorite dish in the form of jelly. The taste of the dish completely to what you're used to, only the consistence of mucus.

No. 2 Poor abused cook seasonings

That usually make novice cooks

"Buddy, I've seen enough cooking shows to know that the secret is in the seasonings. I know all the qualities of different spices and how much they need to put. KFC makes the best chicken in the world, as their slogan says that they use "11 different herbs and spices". It's all in the chemistry of complexes is the combination of different tastes".

Why it is not worth doing

This is the case when a College student who only has salt, pepper and a little garlic powder has the advantage over you. When you seriously begin to engage in cooking, you want to buy all the spices, because in his skills you can't wait to go to the next level. However, in most cases, yourself need to contain.

Obviously, some meals require a huge amount of seasonings – no one likes Chile, which will only meat, beans and hot water. However, when it comes to cooking in General, chefs agree that the main attention should be paid to the quality of the products. Seasoning is only needed in order to place correct accents and emphasize the taste of the main product. If I pay $ 15 for a thick steak "new York", I want to taste the meat, not the seasonings. If you are a good cook and buy good meat, you do not necessarily kill its taste with condiments.

When I'm browsing recipes on the Internet, I have only one rule that never failed me: if the chef starts talking about marinating an expensive piece of meat, it makes me wary. I'm not going to immediately write him off, because a good marinade can make the delicious taste, if used correctly. But if the chef begins to talk about five or six different spices, which you need to RUB the meat, you should search for another resource. Unless this is known, proven, respected chief, most likely, you'll just mess up the dish, the ingredients for which cost you several hours of work.

Of course, not always the case in the spices. You can mess up the dish, just trying to make it too complicated by adding too many unnecessary ingredients. You can take high quality ingredients such as, for example, lobster, and cause them to sauces or pasta or anything else. Such products do not need – the combination of five superb flavours often gives a fresh dish. I will say this: take a hot porn star and put her in the costume of the girls from the support group and she will look amazing. Or in a slinky costume Catwoman. Or any other sexy costume that you would come to mind. But it is worth it to wear all those suits at once, and it will turn into a simple hanger. I say that cooking is a lot like porn.

I'm not very good at analogies. Not worth ruining expensive meat with too many spices.

However, the most persistent habit, and the most difficult lesson is that…

No. 1 You fiddling too much with food

That usually make novice cooks

Not too long it is fried on one side? For too long, isn't it? I hear that it hisses like crazy – he's probably burnt. It need to turn? I will change it. No, wait, he can't burn because it is in the pan for 20 seconds. So worth the wait. But how can I wait? Listen to this! I'm sure he's burnt. I need to flip it now. And here I am doing it…

Hell, he's still pink!

Why it is not worth doing

One of the greatest spectacles – even if you are a baseball fan and really don't understand is the reaction and movements of the outfielder in a second after the ball bounces off the paddle. Only the sound of impact, the trajectory and speed it can for a fraction of a second to calculate with the precision of NASA experts is the place where the ball will land. Of course, he is not a developer of missiles and not psychic. He just played so many games that it became his instinct.

It was such a familiar reaction you develop in the process of improving their culinary skills. Over time, you will be able to capture the changes in the sound of sizzle of fish in a pan, when its texture changes in a few minutes after the start of cooking. You will be able to immediately determine that a piece of chicken is overcooked, seeing as it falls off the bone. Without a timer and not opening the oven door, just by smell you can tell how much more of your pie need to be baked. But to reach such a level – as in the case of a baseball player – you must master the basic rules and stick to them – otherwise you're playing for the Houston Astros.

If you fry the steak, and the recipe said that it should fry on high heat for five minutes on each side, pick it up to see it burnt or not. Every time you do that, you spoil the dish. You release heat, which allows the steak to prepare properly and it has to endure a obstacle race just to earn a crust.

Have you tried while cooking the chicken to pry it with a spatula or tongs? It stuck to the bottom of the pan? If you properly greased the pan, then most likely you tried to flip a piece of chicken too early, not too late. Sounds strange, isn't it? However, according to chefs, it is quite natural that breaded a piece of himself behind the pan and it can easily flip over if it is well done.

So, leave the piece alone. Let it cooked through. This does not mean you have to turn around and go into another room. Stay and listen to the sounds he makes while getting ready. They change every minute, and, remembering them, you will develop reflexes and ability to calculate the time that will make you a good cook. Notice the change in smell. As he gently forces you to kill your loved ones to eat it all myself…




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