Business idea : Cooking classes for beginners

Opening a private culinary school.

Cooking has become a new form of entertainment that combines a few useful things – communication, learning and a delicious dinner.

In the late nineties, the idea of culinary school was brought to Russia by the famous chef Jamie Oliver. It has become fashionable to cook under the guidance of professional chefs, and this concept continues to evolve. Quietly and quite naturally cooking from the discharge of household duties became the form of entertainment.

The preparation of any dish in the company of friends under the supervision of the chef becomes a useful pastime. Such workshops allow you not only to learn how to cook, but nice to talk to. This explains the popular master classes in big companies that use them as a kind of corporate rest.



But aside from the entertaining cooking classes and down to earth, you need to recognize a simple truth – everything we eat daily. Really wish the food was delicious, healthy and varied. Monotonous menu continues to please as fast as the constant listening to the same, even the sweetest melodies. Very rarely such a sad constancy is due to financial difficulties, more often people just don't know how to cook. Real culinary talent meets as seldom as musical talent. But to learn how to cook tasty and healthy food for everyone.

To everyone's delight, in recent years, especially in the big cities, the situation is changing dramatically, thanks to the emergence of cooking schools, where experienced chefs teach wanting this eternal art.

A ever in your life attended any training courses. Cooking classes are working on the same lines. Teachers and experienced cooks share their experience and pass on their knowledge.

Creating a culinary business.

It is important that a chef who teaches at culinary school, not only knew their craft but knew how to find the approach to each student. Often even the most experienced professional is not able to pass on their knowledge, because it is not able to formulate their thoughts in easy to understand form. However, it is a problem of any educational institution. Thus, the selection of teaching staff can be considered the most challenging in the organization's culinary school. If you can find sociable and highly qualified teacher, consider that half the battle is done and you can move on to the next organizational stage.

You need to make a schedule of classes and determine the cost of education. The schedule should be convenient for everyone, so consider both morning and evening classes.
The price can be set for the full course or for one session – you decide. The price level depends on the qualifications and requests of the chefs who have agreed to teach.

Courses usually provide a single and complete training programs. Single lasts about three hours, a full five days. The average cost of a single class – from 2,5 to 3 thousand roubles. 4-5-day programs cost from 25 to 50 thousand rubles.

These figures we give only in order to enable you to navigate in the prices, set your rates, you can, according to their own circumstances. General recommendation – don't try to save on paying work cooks-teachers, it depends on them the success of your business.

The next stage is the formation of study groups of 8-10 people. The smaller the group is, the more effective will be trained in it. It is desirable to arrange individual training may, with departure on the house. The price of such services, of course, higher.

Definitely need to find suitable premises and purchase the equipment. The class should be comfortable for training, and the equipment modern. You will need:

• large countertops;
• the oven;
• the hob;
• fridges and freezers for food storage;
• Cutlery;
• crockery and Cutlery;
• kitchenware.

It is very important to find reliable suppliers of the highest quality products and organize advertising campaign. Trust informing the public about the newly opened cooking school better proven advertising Agency, whose experts will be able to create an attractive image for your business. Now we just need to expect visits and phone calls of people interested in your services. Good luck.

Real culinary talent has very few people. That's why to cook delicious and exotic dishes is not given to everyone.

Mainly culinary knowledge originate from books or from parents ' advice. However, learning culinary tips from books is difficult, and often uninteresting. Far more entertaining and effective training can give private cooking school headed by a competent professional teacher.

Private culinary school can be as a separate kind of business and type of business (in the case that the school with the current café and restaurant). To promote the culinary schools on the world wide web is required to book your own website, especially because the cost of creating the website will be fully justified new students to learn about the school from the Internet.

Direction in learning can be different:

• Overall program. Learning the basics of culinary arts, acquaintance with the peculiarities of different countries;
• The program is aimed at training professionals in the culinary business;
• Program for teaching children.

Classes usually last several hours and are held 2-3 times a week. For maximum positive effect in the group should be no more than 10 people. After all, if the chef-teacher will be able to demonstrate their ability and pay attention to each student.

Undoubtedly, the success of culinary school depends on the skill and experience of the teacher, quality equipment and facilities. By the way, to organize a good team of cooks-teachers is quite difficult. The room should be comfortable, spacious and cozy, equipped with all necessary equipment.

The cost of training is influenced by the location of the school, the city. Before you can set a fixed price for tuition, you must consider all costs: rent, food, salaries, etc.

After all of the calculations and analysis, you get a favorable ratio of cost to profit, you can safely proceed to the opening of the culinary school.

Culinary school, like any kind of business require an advertising company. Advertising in the Internet, printed media will attract an interested audience. Additional sources of income can be classes on weekends for children and their parents, as well as cooking and food delivery for corporate clients.

Particularly relevant culinary schools are in large cities with large number of people wishing to learn delicious and professionally prepared. Given all the nuances, school of culinary arts can be a very profitable and very interesting business. published

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