4 types of bad ideas that are somehow mistaken for a great

Give creativity!

People take their ideas differently. Some hoard them until one is better not to replace all the others. Others see them as bricks which can be divided into neighbor's window. But there is one common denominator: a new idea - it's always fun.

1. The idea of ​​two hours nochi

Let's say you have just inspected the next episode of your favorite series and sat longer than planned. It's time to go to sleep.

And then there is the idea. Perhaps you are at this moment still not quite awake, and are half asleep - yes, you are tired, your mind is slowly slipping away somewhere. But at some point, when you almost fell asleep, your brain surprises - the best idea in your life.

You now have two options: either to command the brain to sleep, or missed the bull by the horns. Who knows? Perhaps it is this idea will make you richer Zuckerberg So what's the problem?

We can not say that the work on the midnight of ideas do not need to never, under any circumstances. In the end, we are often working at three o'clock in the morning, and it happened that it was worthwhile ideas come at night, when it valishsya feet. But there is a catch.

Your brain is constantly trying to set you up, no matter how improbable it may seem. One of its features - it is an opportunity to radiate creativity at the most inopportune moment. What the hell - the inspiration comes just when you're tired as a dog!

Sometimes the idea gives us the strength that we can spend the night of the development plan to transform taxes into dragons. And then one night. And another. And then this condition develops into the so-called creative insomnia. But that's not the worst - worse is that these night vigils adversely affect mental abilities, both emotionally and physically.

Yes, all the great ideas at two o'clock in the morning - this is just a trick your brain that just wants to work as little as possible.

2. Business ideya

I'll bet - every once saw another man running, and thought: "I can handle the job better." Maybe you've even figured out how to make this work better - I mean in general. For example: ice cream will be sold much more successfully if you do waffle cups similar to the head clown. Do you recognize yourself? Congratulations, they're condolences: you get up on a slippery slope of business. However, only stood, but has not gone through it.

These ideas - how to drink: the first day we revel in them (figuratively, of course), and in the second they are forgotten under the weight of urgent matters. In many of these business ideas, we do not even pay attention, and those who still ponders often utterly useless.

But there are people who have all turned out! This world is full of people with good success in business. So what's the problem?

Here, for example, it came up with a business idea. It is obvious that this is - the best idea in the world. Well? Then what?

Some experts believe that the lack of experience and the ability to look at things without the professional cynicism gives an advantage. At least until you're not afraid of anything. But the problems are, and what more.

No matter how good your idea and spirit, it does not mean anything if you have no idea how to start. Or do not even understand what you're doing, which is always not very good, even if on your side all the luck in the world. If we are guided only by the idea, and nothing more, like a monkey at a computer.

And if we are not willing to invest countless weeks, months, and perhaps years, to build relationships, learning, learning all the pros and cons of the chosen sector, then nothing happens. Own business - it is certainly great, but be prepared for what will have to plow.

3. Your istoriya

It seems that everyone has a story to tell. Technically this is true - you could even say that every life is made up of stories. But we are not talking about it. We are talking about the history of "free access" - a fairy tale, to tell you want the most. And it can be the best of your idea.

The story is not strictly defined length or format, it may even change over time. Some leave personal information about themselves for themselves, others are starting to blog. Or sculpt a statue. Or write to acting classes. Or even write a book about how the superstar lost everything, and then again received - by the way, it can also be a personal experience.

Yes, it's great - no matter which way we tell our story, it will remain ours. Nobody can ever take it from us. But the big caveat here and there.

Here it is: you risk to be a prisoner of its own history.

The fact that the story could take you all the way, and you can not think about anything else. If your story - it's your kids, you can endlessly post baby photos and let everyone see what you are wonderful parents. It may be popular, why not?

But there is a good chance that it will become your defining feature. And 35 years later you're still going to call each day your child to ask whether he wore scarf, and no matter what he already has a beard and his own family.

If you do not fall for it - excellent! But there is still a way to drum up the risk of typecasting: it is believed that you are becoming the way the world sees you. Writer George Martin, for example, earns a living that loves most - writing history. He wrote not only the well-known "Song of Ice and Fire", it has still a lot of other books. And if he, for some reason could not be held as a writer? Then he seemed to be all just a guy in a strange his cap, who likes to speculate about the death of the book characters.

Conversely, modest seller of "McDonalds" suddenly pulls the child out of the fire in the fire. Then, in the eyes of the world he is - the hero. What he sells burgers, no one cares.

In general, do not let your stories prevail over you, and take it under control.

4. The idea dushe

Ask anyone in the head when he last came good idea. Surely he will answer - in the shower. Or sovret.

There are several reasons why the shower became a sort of "magnet" for ideas. Washes you usually on autopilot, and the mind wanders during this time. Also at this time produced by dopamine: a cozy enclosed area and warm water create an ideal environment for the emergence of ideas. At least, so say scientists.

But the soul as a generator of ideas, there is one major drawback: your ideas are in one tiny room, which is almost impossible to take notes. Leave the bathroom - and the idea will blow away from the head rush of cool air and the associated discomfort.

Ridiculous, right? It comes to you a great idea, but you can not grab it by the tail. But out there, though, it may seem strange to you. Just take a shower in a notebook with a pencil. Long live creativity!

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