Stuffed eggs: a great snack not only for Easter! 16 kinds of classic fillings.

Stuffed eggs can rightly be called the best cold snack! Preparing this miracle is very easy - you need to boil hard boiled eggs, prepare the filling and in a hurry to issue each half boiled egg

. I offer the best filling for stuffed eggs , which have been tested on many holidays! The dish is always a success: Eggs are very nutritious and colorful toppings, not only look beautiful, but also to give the taste buds a real pleasure ...

Stuffed eggs yolk - the basis of many fillings for festive eggs, it should be thoroughly mash with a fork, can be mixed with butter for a richer flavor dishes. How wonderful that the eggs combines virtually all major products!

Fillings for stuffed eggs
Savory stuffed eggs
Yolk + mustard + sugar, salt, red pepper + olives. Eggs with apples and nuts
Yolk + walnuts + apple + cheese + mustard + salt, black pepper, 1 ch. L. vinegar. eggs with beets
The yolk + + boiled beets herring fillet + green onions + mayonnaise or sour cream. Eggs with mushrooms
Yolk + stewed mushrooms with onion + salt + pepper butter or sour cream + greens. Eggs with cod liver
Yolk + cod liver oil + green onions.

Garlic Eggs
Yolk + cheese + garlic + a couple of drops of lemon juice + sugar, salt, black pepper. < Eggs with pineapple
The yolk + + a little canned pineapple pineapple juice. < Eggs with shrimp
The yolk cooked shrimp + + garlic + thick cream. < Eggs with pickled mushrooms
The yolk + + marinated pickled mushrooms or fresh onions + a bit of sour cream. < Eggs with radish
Yolk + olives + pickles + + radish mayonnaise or sour cream. < Eggs with potatoes
Yolk + mashed potatoes + fried onions + smoked meat or sausage.

Eggs with tomato juice
Yolk + raw carrot + tomato juice + cream + greens. < Eggs with prunes
Yolk + plums + smoked meat + lemon juice. < Eggs with kukurozoy
Yolk + corn + shrimp + onions + parsley + cream + salt, black pepper. < Eggs with dill
Yolk + fennel + butter + salt + a slice of red chili peppers. < Eggs and bacon
Yolk + bacon + fennel + cheese + butter.

Ingredients proposed fillings can be mixed in a blender, and can be cut into small pieces - it all depends on your preferences. I would get a very appetizing!

< Stuffed snack do not leave anyone indifferent. Share this with your friends supergather!


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