Hawaiian waves

Clark Little - photographer with the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, specializing in waves, "crashing on the shore." I suggest you look at the amazing pictures and read descriptions of them, made by the photographer. While Clark was born in California in 1968, he then moved to the North Shore and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. From early childhood, Clark Little's talent for photographing dangerous waves. Thanks to Clark's photographs are those who have never been a surfer can experience what they experience when they are in the wave and see these amazing colors of light and water.


«If you look closely at wave top right, you can see the coastline and is reflected in it" flip "the sun, which is similar to the way in a curved spoon reflected objects upside down." (Clark Little)


"This picture was taken at 60 cm in the water during low tide. In shallow water the sand is drawn into the wave. " (Clark Little)


In Clark's photographs are those who have never been a surfer can experience what they experience when they are in the wave and see these amazing colors of light and water. "Glass wave. Part shade to the right on the water turned from the camera to my daughter, who stands with her on the other side. " (Clark Little)


"Morning photo waves rolled back. This means that the wave retreated back into the sea, hit the beach, and then collided with another wave, creating real water arch. " (Clark Little)


"Sea turtles swim close to shore, as they feed on the coral reefs in the shallows. They are very focused and always watch the waves break. " (Clark Little)


In the '80s and' 90s Clark Little has become famous as a pioneer in the field of photography waves crashing on the shore. "This picture was taken at the shore Ke Iki on the North Shore. Experts surfing can take it as a pipeline. " (Clark Little)


Clark at work. Being a talented surfer, Clark photographed the amazing beauty of the waves of Oahu and brings it to the world. "I enjoy the power and beauty of water bombs, whizzing past - he says. - Now I can capture such moments, while not hitting a wave. So, basically. " November 16 Clark published his first book, "On the crest of a wave of Clark Little." 182 pages of the book collection Clark put their most popular photos, as well as new photographs, each of which he captured the power and beauty of the waves at Oahu North Shore inside. (Clark Little)


Already skilled surfer, Clark took a camera, jumped into the waves and began to capture the beauty and power of the Hawaiian waves. What started as a family hobby, turned into a public boom, when Clark decided to submit their masterpieces to the public. (Clark Little)


"Morning Photo waves at sunrise, which is faced with the next wave of her, why in the air turned unimaginably beautiful arch, like a fish sailboat." (Clark Little)


"Underwater photos small wave coming to shore." (Clark Little)


"In the winter of 2008-2009, several weeks of continuous rain fell, and the North Shore water turned red because of the red sand of Hawaii. When the sun finally came out, I realized that this was a great opportunity to make amazing photos. " (Clark Little)


"Photo taken at night during the rising moon. The moon - this is the white dot to the right of the wave. So I used the lens "fisheye" distant objects appear very small. " (Clark Little)


This surfer discovered his talent for photographing the waves, when three years ago, his wife asked for a photo of water, to hang in the bedroom. Desire to please his wife turned into a successful career for Clark. "A photograph taken early in the morning when the sun rises only. The picture was taken under the water behind the wave. " (Clark Little)


"The photo was taken before sunrise. It was pretty dark, so I used the flash. White foam on the waves lit by the flash. " (Clark Little)


Thanks to the talent Clark to see the perfect wave and choose the right moment, the world now has the opportunity to see all the amazing beauty of the Hawaiian waves - their color, depth and magic, which remained unknown for a long time. "The picture was taken at dawn - my favorite time to work." (Clark Little)


Clark believes the ocean as their second home, a place that calms him. His love for the water perfectly visible in each of his photos. "The camera is part of a wave of water and partly above the water in the wave." (Clark Little)


Over time, Clark began to introduce their photos in other areas of life - they can be seen on skateboards, postcards, advertising shields, in magazines, in the form of photo prints, as well as in his recent book. For his success, he is grateful to his love for the waves. "This picture describes the state of the ocean calm, when the waters are calm and clear as glass. This photo glass lip curl or glass, already wrapped in a pipe. " (Clark Little)


Less than three years, Clark has earned fame in the country and around the world for North Shore waves photographs that appear on the TV show "Good Morning America», «Inside Edition», «The Today Show» and «ABC World News Now». "During the correct reel and some tidal waves breaking on dry sand, which draws a" pipe ". On these photographs show how finely where I usually shoot. " (Clark Little)


"Underwater photos small creeping wave coming to shore." (Clark Little)


"Photo taken in Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu in the summer. I like the reflection in the waves rolling onto the sand and mixed with the shadow. " (Clark Little)


"One of the first photos taken at the beginning of my work three years ago. The picture was taken at sunrise, and shades of yellow and gold come from the coast beach and the surrounding mountains. " (Clark Little)


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