Find out why some people smart and others are not

We used to take the mind for granted, well, sort of appearance. Supposedly this intelligent, and the fool, and there is nothing you can do about it. "Experienced teachers" boast that you can have the child identify talents or – alas – full of mediocre. In contrast, "progressive educators" argue that men are created equal, and if someone lags – this can be corrected. Ironically, "progressive educators" are right. The so-called mind – it is pure physics, and if so, the physical processes can influence physical processes.

If you repeat the experience of Hannibal Lecter, to remove the skull from a living and see how it works (you'd be surprised, but scientists have done so more than once – however, animals), we can see that the surface of the cortex, as in the ocean, run electromagnetic waves. These waves generate neurons cells of the nervous system. From these waves, and only he them, depends on the so-called mind.

There are several types of waves. Depending on what waves you have dominated, forming your character, mind, intelligence and so on. General rule: the more high frequency wave in your brain now, the better you think.

Delta waves – a frequency of only 4 Hertz (cycles per second), this is the basic wave that the adults are in a state of very deep sleep, or, sorry, in a coma. Only Delta waves have babies – why they write in diapers and can't talk. Then the children gradually appear and other types of waves.

Theta waves with a frequency of 4-7 Hertz is already better than Delta (at least you are in a coma), but smacks of idiocy. When you see people or very drunk, or just tired and fell asleep, and his mouth opened, saliva dripping – he at this moment is dominated by theta waves. In fact, all the buzz from alcohol is to suppress high-frequency vibrations of the brain down to theta waves and "relaxed", although it is not the fact that the brain is "resting" in this state.

Alpha waves – 8-12 Hz – characteristic for the "simple people" who "just live" and stars in the sky is not enough. In the waking state frequency of oscillation of the electromagnetic field of the brain have it is this. That is, if you see the disability of the employee who "works" — it merely means that the electromagnetic field of his head does not rise above 12 Hz.

Finally, the wave characteristic of smart is a range of waves with frequency up to 40 Hz, and 40 Hz is a genius in a state of intense work. Even the genius brain works all the time with such frequency, but the genius of the brain CAN operate with such frequency, and have a simple no person.

What if the skull was not lucky, blame everything on alpha waves and the fool to stay? Fortunately, no. It is noticed that gamma waves occur even in mediocre intellectual people in a state of REM sleep. This is when you see the intense dreams, the brain has to draw you pictures. No wonder they say that smart dreams color – if your brain is used to working at high frequencies, the picture will be in color, no – he's probably on color save. But this fact means that the human brain can work like anything intense, it is necessary only to teach.

The highest frequency observed among those who are engaged in meditation, and in fact does, and not spreading it on the Smoking room. It turned out that the techniques to raise the frequency of the brain, is very simple – for example, at the time, they taught students of music schools, and they flew a three-year programme for the year. It is only necessary to be able to relax the body, to "free the mind" and then – do what you say guru meditation, and you will easily find on the Internet.

It should be understood that a good Christian (Jewish, Islamic) prayer – the same meditation. Prayer makes smarter? I see that atheists have the tearing of the paper on which it is written, but fortunately it is not written on paper. Valo prayer differs from meditation if you practise it seriously.

Well, the bottom line is that the so-called spiritual practices are not really stupid, on the contrary, with their help you can become smarter. Scientists do not fully understand how it works, but in the West for 40 years to successfully treat epilepsy, patient teaching force of will to suppress the "excess" fluctuations of the brain, and they are the cause of this illness.published

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