Hero of our time

The wheel of history turns, changing people change their tastes. Only Eternal Hollywood, every moment of producing and conducting new ideal to the masses of people. Today let's talk about the perfect man of Hollywood, how to change their appearance and roles from decade to decade. And, therefore, on how to change the viewer to conjure idols.

30s-40s years. Twentieth century.

On the pedestal, independent charismatic and Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant. The first crazy beautiful Vivien Leigh in the image of the indomitable Scarlett O'Hara ("Gone with the Wind"), the second - a shy Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa in "Casablanca"), the third one shines in comedies. Together they win the hearts of all Americans. And if you live in New York, 30s, wearing stockings with a seam behind and fox pelt on his shoulders, it means that love with one of these beauties. Because they are required to protect in such a difficult time, well, because they are handsome. I admit that these guys today in my personal list of preferences overtake many of today's play-fighting.

Branded smile Rat Battler

Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn in "Sabrina».

Cary Grant.

50s-60s years. Twentieth century.

It ascends the heights of rough and rustic Marlon Brando. His animal strength and incredible success lies in women fell upon Brando after the film "A Streetcar Named" Desire ", where he ruthlessly bullied character Leigh. Brando divides his pedestal with a romantic Gregory Peck. The horror of the Second World behind and the audience did not enjoy light off "Roman Holiday", where life is interwoven with the tale.
Marlon Brando. No comments yet.

Courageously, romantic Gregory Peck.

However, in 1962, Hollywood creates a completely new type of hero - self-confident, elegant and omnipotent James Bond. He triumphs over evil without fuss, sipping a martini with vodka and advertise Aston - Martin. The walls of the houses are covered with portraits of American browed Sean Connery, plaid weeping with pride.

Bond. Young Bond.

The 70's. Twentieth century.

Well, who is better able to cope with the role of the popular favorite, if not blue-eyed blonde? Only two blue-eyed blond. And if they are also constantly looking for adventure, then they have no price. Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood began to conquer Africa and the Wild West, and conquered the female half of humanity.

Robert Redford. Good!

Trudnouznavaemy Clint Eastwood.

In the 70s we could compete with them except that the burning brunette Al Pacino, proving that with the Mafia to be trifled with. American, indifferent to the unruly blond fell at the sight of piles of gangsters with Italian roots. The first image of the mafia has become so popular.

Here, perhaps, is my favorite era of supermen flawlessly talented piece ends and begins the growth of pop culture, superheroes and multiply at an incredible speed.

The 80's. Twentieth century.

Gangsters are still popular. After the release of the film "Once in America" ​​the most attractive place in the Bandit claims still young Robert DeNiro.

However, in contrast to the "serious" guys on the screens first appeared gentle, romantic and a little sugary heroes. (Incredibly corny, that really there to hide!). Girls to the mid-eighties, clearly disgusted with guns, and they gladly knocked to the "Dirty Dancing" with Patrick Swayze and "nine and a half weeks" with Mickey Rourke. Nobody knew what would later become Mickey in "The Wrestler» ...

The main dancer 80s.

Another cute Mickey.

In the 90s the world embraces light trash-mania. "Pulp Fiction", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", "Fight Club" generate images of the sexual psychopaths. John Travolta, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt rapidly capture the minds overexcited starlets. At the same time to secure the success of the female population, they, of course, do not forget to act even in the tear melodramas. Although, no doubt, in these asset Lovelace there are significant film works.

I think these characters needs no introduction ...

And, of course, dashing 90s unimaginable without dashing bald Bruce Willis. Although, as for me, much more charming Willis as Detective Edison of "Moonlight».

Future "Die Hard».

With the onset of the XXI century on the screen in addition to the already gained immense popularity Depp and Pitt, new icons of beauty and acting talent - "Gladiator" Russell Crowe, unsinkable romantic Leo DiCaprio and at the same time the army Bloom - Diesel - Statham. Brutality and psychopathic charismatic 90s retreating, returning us to the beauty of passionate embraces enamored youth. Again on the screens flashed increasingly strong torsos and weary look.

Jack forever.

Our favorite gladiator.

The end of the first decade, of course, surprises. Well, who would have thought that the world was so excited on the kind of sleepy Pattinson as a vampire, oh, excuse me, vampire? (Photos will not put, thank you).

And so, in general, we women are incredibly predictable. Mleem from charming tempters, then fall in love with the simple romantic, and when it's bored, start baldet from someone outside the box - shocking, and the beat, so to speak. The history of Hollywood vivid example. Apparently, life is really twisted, like a spiral ...

One in our preferences always - we love the masculinity in men. Vector its changes, because masculinity can be of different colors and shades, but it has always dominated the list of our favorite features.

Just do not understand how us has managed to fall in love "Zucchini"?


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