"Cesar"; 2014: who what?

Held yesterday in Paris award ceremony "Cesar" - a good excuse to distract from Hollywood events and draw attention to the European red carpet. In the end, the French are famous for their exquisite taste and their fashionable images are considered the standard of impeccable style. Will check!

Before we move on to the red carpet, I propose to discuss the results of the ceremony. Prize triumph was the film "Me, Myself and Mum", which received four awards out of ten. Wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film became Guillaume Gallienne, known to us for his role in the biopic Pierre Berge "Yves Saint Laurent", which will be released in cinemas in Russia in mid-March. But promising picture "Life Adele", made a successful debut at the Cannes Film Festival, has suffered a complete defeat - the award "Most Promising Actress", which won the star of the movie Adèle Exarchopoulos, the position is not saved. Appeared at the ceremony and Hollywood diva Scarlett Johansson - the actress presented an award for outstanding service, apparently alluding to the upcoming French project "Lucy" in which she starred.

The outcome of the award - the bandwagon review.

Léa Seydoux, played a major role in the aforementioned film "Life Adele", has not changed his style and again chose to output the creation of the fashion house Prada. Direct emphasizing the figure silhouette and deep blue color, of course, played into the hands of glamorous actress, and a large satin bow at the waist and buttons on the back made outfit a little more playful and a little less strict. Addition to the image became a cat eye makeup in shades of blue, glossy curls and bright pink nail polish, effectively contrasting with the color of the dress.

Adopted the experience of their counterparts overseas, Jennifer Lawrence, Adèle Exarchopoulos opted payetochnomu-column dress by Christian Dior. And without that shining outfit was complemented by twin bracelets and large ornate earrings loose diamonds. I really like this image, but it confuses me as an actress presents itself - uncertain posture and a strange expression on his face (viewed, by the way, almost all the photographs) look unattractive.

The guest of honor Scarlett Johannson ceremony also opted for the house Dior, betting on masculine beauty trouser ensemble. I have long tried to assess the image of the actress, examining it both ways, but eventually came to the conclusion that it is not to my taste. I do not like pants suit with a "lacy" jacket, which hardly paints actress, diamond necklace, ornament which, though common with print on the clutch, but clearly appears in the form of unnecessary and aggressive red lipstick that looks like a big bright spot. The only thing that catches the eye in this dress, it's satin shoes with original decorative elements, but otherwise ... In my opinion, this is one of the worst images of Scarlett for the past many years.

A more successful version trouser suit public demonstration Frenchwoman Julie Gayet. Actress turned for help to the fashion house Saint Laurent, who, as we know, the dog ate on creating elegant tuxedos for men and women, and made the right decision. Diluted trouser ensemble transparent blouse with leather inserts and large bow, Julie brought the red carpet "Cesar" his vision of fashion classics.

Actress Sara Forestier-peers and Deborah Francois preferred the spectacular creations of Lebanese magician Elie Saab. Deborah came to the red carpet in a playful mini dress with silver trim, and Sarah opted for an elegant and very beautiful lace dress with a slit bared shoulders and decorative elements at the waist. If you choose the best of these two outfits, my sympathies entirely on the side of Sarah, but with one exception - black closed shoes off!

Appeared at the ceremony and notorious Beth Ditto - vocalist The Gossip. I do not know why the singer complained about this event, but would be better if she did not do it - tight mini-dress, which she likes to appear in public, do not honor nor her figure or her own.

In the evening dress from Maxime Simoëns appeared at the ceremony of Bérénice Bejo. I like the combination of classic and contemporary chic in this manner - while the monochrome color scheme is responsible for traditional, unusual cut of the bodice creates a sense of futuristic. Clutch with a print from Charlotte Olympia and the actual laying of the season with the effect of wet hair perfectly complements the image.

And a few more photos from the ceremony:

Scarlett Johansson and Roman Polanski - the winner in the category "Best Director»

Scarlett with her fiance Romain Dorikaom

Triumpher ceremony Guillaume Gallienne

Quentin Tarantino with Lea and Adele

Quentin with his new passion Leanne McDougall


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