The incredible power of the maternal instinct

It is a touching story of a cat named Scarlett, who was a real hero with incredible force of maternal instinct. Read more, but not for the faint of heart.

March 30, 1996 in an abandoned garage in Brooklyn, New York, started the fire. Firefighters arrived at the scene quickly enough, but at the time of the fire extinguishing one - David Gianelli - noticed a stray cat that repeatedly returned to the garage in flames, pulling one of his newborn kittens. Despite burns to eyes, deep-fried ears and snout, it is made out of a burning room of her kittens - and, as a cat would make them only one at a time, she had to go back into a burning impregnated with thick smoke garage, five times. The cat had been burned paws damaged ears, muzzle and scorched by fire bubbled eye, but only after she pulled out of the fire of the last, the fifth of his kitten, buried her face into each one to make sure everything is saved, lost consciousness. One, the weakest of the five surviving kittens died a month after the fire.

David Gianelli took a cat with kittens to the veterinary hospital at the League for Animal Welfare North Shore (North Shore Animal League), where the heroic mother once held intensive care, placing in an oxygen chamber. Three months it took almost a full rehabilitation Scarlett (the name given to a cat Animal Protection League), but the prophylactic treatment of an animal was required to rest of their lives (for example, a special cream for the eyes she had to apply three times a day).

The story of a heroic cat will soon spread around the world, calls offering assistance came from Japan, the Netherlands and South Africa, the Americans sent in her name Mother's Day cards. The Animal Protection League has received more than 7,000 applications from those wishing to adopt Scarlett and her kittens.
Four kittens pairs took two families of Long Island, and Scarlett was adopted by Karen Wellen. In his letter to the League of Ms. Karen she reported that recently lost her beloved cat in a car accident, and now wishes to be in the house just an animal that requires constant treatment, care and special conditions.

Scarlett has lived happily in the house of Karen for 10 years.



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