Romance and only ... (№3)

Do not part with your beloved ...

With Vanya, we met in a suburban coffee shop in Odessa. Then I was seventeen. He worked as a waiter, and I ... I became a regular visitor to the very cafe. It was a beautiful affair. At first, we just smiled at each other. I gave him a mysterious look, and he told me - white roses. I was just childlike smile, and he took me to the sea at night ... all for long. Yes, and our relationship has not really had time to develop, - it was necessary to go back home. I remember every moment of our farewell. He promised that he would wait for me next year. Will wait ...

The following year I returned. He was waiting for me. We saw each other every day, sunbathe, swim, go to discos, cinema. Even when we were just sitting in the evening on the beach, and overhead in the night sky exploding fireworks dazzling the thread, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world ...

He gave me tenderness, affection, love, care, and I ... I gave him myself.

One day he just invited me to stay with him for a while in Odessa. My parents, and friends of my parents who are vacationing with us were crazy about him, so did not mind. We were together easily. A new life. In Odessa, I continued school, started to work. And like everything was fine ... I had everything: flat, own car (Vanya got a good job), tenderness, kindness, caring, and most importantly - a loved one. I loved him, he adored me ... When all friends are already firmly in one voice that it is time to have us get married and have children. That's when my little happiness and love Palace collapsed somewhere in my soul. And all of life flew before his eyes. It's so different from the life that I live now. It was another until Vanya ...

For a moment it seemed to me that marriage - is a swamp, which would delay me, and I do not have time to do that since the beginning slowly but rapidly crumble. Crumbling dreams. They were two serious journalism and a long happy married life in Norway. Vani in these plans were not. Thoughts assailed me. Inside was shouting that my holiday romance too long and it was time to flee.

I always run away when I was very good. Perhaps the fear that it will ever end. And this is like a cloud of happiness left in the heart forever.

I ran at night, when he slept. Why at night? I do not know, I wanted to be with him until the last, and the train went around that time. I left a note, "Darling, I'm leaving you. Please do not look for me. Sorry". Only now I realize how much love and pain was invested in these words ... but a dream and a passion for travel called me louder, while drowning desperate cry of the heart ...

I made his own. I became successful aspiring journalist. He began working on one of the Norwegian channels. Found a lot of new friends, understanding and loving my man, all a dream come true. And here again, car, apartment, love and tenderness, caring, and ... success. Yes, I traded love to work. Perhaps at that moment I thought that the price of wish fulfillment is higher than we think. I paid for it with heart and soul, because my soul remained in Odessa, and Vania heart. We were far away from each other, but I still felt like he was suffering, felt that he was looking for me. I was looking for my parents, friends, girlfriends ... not found.

What caused me to return to it, and only God knows my heart. One day I just turned on the movie "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath". I've always loved the classics, especially the film, which we once watched with Vanechka lying in an embrace on the couch, admiring the performance of the actors.

Do not part with your beloved,
Do not part with your beloved,
And each time, goodbye forever,
And each time, goodbye forever,
When he left for a moment ...

These words with a tremendous hit in my heart. I woke up ten minutes later. All in tears and shouting "Vanya, I love you!" Ran into the street, I hailed a cab and rushed to the airport. Ether that day was canceled. And in my head surfaced only snatches of conversation: "Do not part with your beloved ... and each time say goodbye forever ..." "One mistake in life, can cost the life of ..." - once told me, Dad.

Now I go on the train from Moscow to Odessa. Now I know that the mind can suggest what should be avoided, and only the heart says it should do. And I listen to my heart, it whispers, "He still loves you and everything just ...»

(Water lily)


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