Romance and only ... (№2)

Another day without you ...

I feel your breath on my cheek and a gentle touch of your lips to my skin, barely perceptible, but is familiar and dear. I hear your voice, "Honey, wake up! The sun had long risen! It's time for you to wake up! ". I'm smiling, I open my eyes and suddenly remember that you left. You had to go to work. And this is just my imagination draws your way again and again, who lives in my heart, my soul within me. Sad to know that you only dreamed of me, although our bed, as I remember your warmth and your smell. I consoled himself thinking that no separations can not be met, and I wait for our meeting.

Look at our picture, we are happy in it, because we love and are loved. I'm going to work. Drink coffee and again think of you, your eyes, your lips, your voice and your hands. I feel that I love you so lacking. I put on a blouse that you love so much, and mentally recall your admiring gaze directed at me. So you just look, because only you can love me the way I want.

I ran to the bus stop. Our public transport, however, as always, poor. With difficulty putting themselves in the bus. Terribly uncomfortable and crowded, but to me it does not bother to think about us, about our holiday that we have planned for the beginning of July.

I represent, as we lay on the beach under the warm sun and gentle waves lap against the shore, and we hear the whisper of the sea, feel the breath, we are alone in the whole world and the world belongs only to us. You put or render me sunblock and his gentle touches expresses all the sensuality and reverent attitude to me. I understand that this is true happiness - just to be together. So I want to hear your voice right now, this minute. I do not have time to think about it, when suddenly - the phone rings. That's what you called to tell me good morning. I hear you, and there was nothing there except the two of us in the whole universe. "Hello honey! How are you there? I miss you! Most would have been home. You know, I almost settled everything and soon I arrive! You're some kind of couple of days, and we will be together again! ". So glad to hear you did not restrain yourself and scream into the phone for the entire bus, which is also very bored, and I dream of you every day I left. You say that I am also snyus you and that you love me madly. I answer that, too, really I love you. I'm so happy to hear you, you can now think about work.

The working day runs as usual. The meeting with the boss, all about something argue, and something very vigorously discussed. And I think about what to cook for dinner when you come and what to wear to please you. I feel that I was starting to smile enigmatically to herself, time to stop, knowing that I was at the meeting. I am trying to force myself to work. It turns out, but just barely.

Dinner. For an hour of free time. For an hour I think of you. I go to our favorite cafe. I order our favorite salad, coffee and cake. The waitress asked if I would be champagne, I smile, knowing that she recognized me, and I say that not today. So nice to know that we have with you their traditions, their favorite cafe, a table, and we have each other!

Almost too late from lunch to the office. But nothing happened. Olesya phoned and asked her to join me for a trip to the store for fascinating linens for a festive dinner in honor of your arrival. She gladly agreed, moreover, that we have not seen each other and we, as always, there is something to talk.

We choose the most gorgeous clothes, delicate peach color of openwork guipure. Are you sure you'll be thrilled! We sat in the cafe and talked. I understand how great that there are friends with whom you can share everything, everything, and are so calm and nice.

Returning home a little tired, undressed and went straight to the bathroom. I pour water, add warblers and plunge into the abyss rasslablinyuschuyu and soothing. Vanity day flies far away, I remember our morning talk, smile, and dissolved in tenderness of our relations and the anticipation of the meeting.

Falling asleep, I get to bed. It is not entirely comfortable without you, but I know that a little more and we will again fall asleep in each other's arms. With these thoughts sink into a sweet dream.

Morning. Again hear your beloved voice, feel your warm lips on my cheek, I caught the scent of freshly brewed coffee. I do not want to open my eyes, I think that all this is a dream again. Suppose you pobudesh with me a couple of seconds. Your voice wakes me insistently. I open my eyes and I see you, you hold me, and standing on the bed tray with coffee and bouquet of roses. You arrived! I'm so happy this unexpected surprise. I kiss you, still not believing that this was not a dream. It's not a dream. I feel the warmth of your lips and your tenderness touches such long-awaited and desired. You're near. We are together again! We are happy!

(Olga Pugacheva)


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