Interesting facts about the movie "Garage" (12 photos)

March 10, 1980, the premiere of the movie by Eldar Ryazanov "Garage", along with his other comedy firmly included in the classics of Soviet cinema. Only in the year of hire watched now 28, 5 million people. "Garage" is still one of those movies that we all love and know almost by heart. Today we have gathered for you interesting facts about the history of its creation.

The idea of ​​the film director thrown life itself. Having been at the meeting of the garage cooperative employees Mosfilm, Ryazanov was so shocked that he could not help but reflect what he saw and experienced in the script.

Many years later, in his book "A sad comedy face, or finally Summing up," Ryazanov said: "I came home from a meeting as a stunned, because among those present had a lot of my friends, which I think is decent. But there I saw a bunch of people without conscience who have forgotten about justice, people are indifferent and cowardly. As if suddenly sleeping mask of decency, exposing the ugliness of people ».

However, even more frustrated filmmaker own reaction to real events, the film unfolds in a similar - succumbed to the collective spirit, it does not stand up for those who had to "voluntary-forced" lose cherished garages. So there was a character in a film professor Smirnovsky personifying Ryazanov of conscience which, although towards the end of the film, but still spoke.

In addition, he Eldar Ryazanov, as well as some of his fellow directors who loves to appear in his films in small roles in "Garage" plays a chief of the insects, who slept the whole assembly on stuffed hippopotamus, and eventually got the same "unlucky ticket." So as a director to punish himself for his weakness, manifested at the present meeting.

As ideas for decorations to the "garage" was selected Zoological Museum, turned into a research institute "of animal protection from the environment." However, they were not shooting in this museum and in the pavilion of Mosfilm.

Also, many believe that the stuffed animals hint at not quite human behavior characters in the movie, although the main reason for this choice is still a member of that Ryazanov understood that a "picture" of the film, all of which takes place in a confined space, must somehow diversify.

Work on the film was in a rather unusual mode - all the scenes "Garage" was shot in chronological order, and the shooting period lasted only 24 days. In order to meet at such times, filmed by three cameras at a time, and the actors, who have never known which of them will end up in the foreground, we had to constantly play at full strength, not for a moment leaving the role.

And it all happened because Ryazanov traditionally wanted to shoot only the best actors, who had to be literally "time off" from the theater - up to a month.

Ryazanov Actors tried to pick up so that they are in real life were like their heroes. For example, the role of a junior researcher and a single mother Helena Malayeva he wrote specifically for Leah Akhedzhakova, knowing her usual keen sense of justice. However, it is even a little scared at the time just beginning to gain popularity of the actress.

But Valentin Gaft, in contrast, hit the "Garage" by accident. Although the chairman of the cooperative, and called in the same way as an actor - Valentin - in the role of Alexander Ryazanov was initially seen Shirvindt, which established the role, but unfortunately could not find the time for a movie theater in a tight schedule.

And only when the shooting has already begun, Leah Akhedzhakova offered Ryazanov note Gaft, serendipitously rented at this time in the neighboring pavilion of Mosfilm.

By the way, is not only "a fluke" connected with the actors "Garage". Olga Ostroumova who played the daughter of Professor Smirnovsky accidentally went to Ryazanov in search of someone who could help her arrange child in kindergarten. From kindergarten director could not help, but in the film, followed by a career as an actress came up, gave.

But this luck does not end there - just on the set of "Garage" and Gaft Ostroumova found ... each other! However, while Olga was married to Michael Levitin, and the Gaft - married to a ballerina Inna Eliseevoj. And only 20 years later, Olga was invited to a meeting, he admitted that he fell in love with her back then, during the shooting of "Garage". In 1996 the actors were married.

An interesting story is connected with Andrei Myagkov, which in the "Garage" got the role of laboratory Khvostov, completely devoid of voices. Ryazanov himself admitted that he thus decided to take revenge on the actor.

The fact that even a few years before the filming of "Garage" was careless Miagkov unflattering comments about Ryazanov verse "There is no bad weather ...", which became the lyrics of "Office Romance". The director chose to conceal his authorship of the work by issuing a work of the English poet William Blake. Everybody liked poetry, but Miagkov decided that they are not graceful for that next film Ryazanov and paid voice.

Despite the incredible charisma and powers of persuasion Ryazanov, there were also actors, flatly refused by roles in "Cars." So, Alla Demidova did not want to play hamovatye headmistress market Kushakova (the role eventually went to his wife Myagkova - Anastasia's Ascension) and Vyacheslav Tikhonov did not want to play Professor Smirnovsky because it did not believe that such an "anti-Soviet" film will all come out in theaters.

However, such fears have arisen not only Tikhonov. Ryazanov himself understood that the "Garage" shows Soviet society is not in the priglyadnom light. And the belief that the picture could undergo the procedure of putting in State cinema, there was none. But then the "Garage" unexpectedly lucky. Just before putting the painting took Plenum, which Brezhnev demanded mercilessly criticize social shortcomings. And it turned out that the "garage" just could not be better responds to the call for a new party.

The audience took a picture of "a great success" - still, such a stellar cast of actors and non-trivial to the time the plot! But there were other opinions. For example, who plays Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Iyo Savva "Garage" did not like what she does not mince words, Ryazanov reported directly to the premiere, deeply offended the director.

"I would really like to see the" Garage ", which focused our shortcomings, is outdated as soon as possible", - says Eldar Ryazanov. - "Here, my civil feelings prevail over emotions of the artist, whose natural desire to have his work lived as long as possible. But - alas! - "Garage" is still the mirror of our ugly life ... "


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