Creative yards from utilities (25 photos)

Early spring this year, just whispers about the need to get out of the stuffy apartments, and stroll through the flooded streets of sunlight. And all would be nothing if the courts did not meet our odd construction solutions and playgrounds in the style of "HCS-hell».

Steering wheel of the Lada - toy on the playground Saratov.

Carousel-brain explosion.

Accustomed to a rigid frame begins in childhood.

The medieval moat in the modern courtyard. Everything for the convenience of motorists and pedestrians.

Reminiscent of a solar eclipse.

Well, that just stayed extra cover.

Scary tales has not been canceled, but it's a little too.

Extreme trail for the youngest.

The triumph of landscape design.

The rational explanation? No, not heard.

Waterpark walking distance.

But under the roof.

A generous gift from the children of the military unit.

The door to a parallel world.

It is beyond my comprehension.


Someone who?

For the most dangerous children.

Barely missed.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

And you could play a nocturne?

Accessibility such barrier-free ...

The apotheosis of frustration.

All love luser!

Wonders of the next! And someday there will be next to you, we promise!


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