Bionic Robot, Aqua Penguin

Meet. Robot Akvapingvin. This robot swims underwater almost like a penguin, he is able to navigate, maneuver in tight spaces and to change its course. The hydrodynamic shape and movement system is based on its natural counterpart. Inside Akvapingvina is an electric motor that drives the wings that actually he is repelled by water. The ability to bend his body was due to the robot technology of patented fin-structure, which was obtained from the tail fin of the fish. Bionic penguins are designed to be submerged completely autonomous. Three-dimensional intelligent sonar system allows the robot to navigate in space and avoid collisions, including when the Penguins are in a group. Management is carried out by the robot flexible longitudinal racks. The engineers of Festo from Hanover (Germany), inspired by his work, not going to stop there, they have created the Air Penguin and a mechanical arm that can handle with care fragile items.


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