109-year-old man knits sweaters for penguins ... And you were surprised when you find out why!

An old man likes to knit sweaters in Australia for the small penguins. "What's the ravings of a madman?" - You ask. But after reading the story of Alfred Data, you realize that this person is kind-hearted set seriously. Do not think, behind it is not senile, and good purpose.

The fact is that in 2013, on the Fund's assistance to small penguins on Phillip Island received a request for jerseys for animals affected by the oil spill. First, let's explain why small, not big. Small penguins - a special kind of family penguin, which lives only in Australia and New Zealand with a bird colony on Phillip Island, which has 32 000 individuals.

This Data told the nurse. 109-year-old man, who is currently living in a nursing home, he decided to take part in the good of the mission and make a contribution. When you want to do something good, then the question arises: where to start? Grandpa did not have to even think about it, because it is in the knitting - a real whale. Incredibly, Alfred Date is once put the case for more than 80 years.

knitters self-taught as early as the 1930s, the first sweater fashioned his nephew - and off we go ... Deit could not stop. Then there were the knitted kits for children, and then, and for the grandchildren. And that thought is not wondered - began to knit sweaters for penguins.

Oddly enough, but a request for assistance to the birds responded to kind-hearted people around the world. According to employees of the Fund, sweaters for penguins - is not a fashion, and not someone's whim. When the pen cover bird gets the oil, their feathers stick together. This allows water to penetrate into the inner layers of feathers. As a result, small penguins are freezing because of the heavy pieces of sticky dirt are not able to hunt and gather food.

When affected by the oil spill penguins fall into the hands of workers' fund, they dress them in knitted sweaters that birds do not have the opportunity to clean the feathers and thus unconsciously absorb toxins. Such actions produce good results. About 95% of affected penguins were rescued.

Alfred or, as it is called, Alfie continues to knit sweaters for penguins, as well as from time to time to delight exclusive knits his friends. This person just does not know how to say good works 'no' to this and never did not try. To be kind, it is not necessary to perform feats, good comes from the heart and is made up of little things. Do good, and it will reward you handsomely. Share this inspiring post with your friends.



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