Do not argue in vain

Was one such university lecturer - Nikolai Pavlovich Likhodeev. Very quietly and exemplary old man on students not pugalsya, dyads did not set, die, however, to the delight of students, are not going to. All loved him, holili cherish. But once his one frame simply is brought. The careless worker sitting at the last desk, and constantly tormented old man catty comments to the site and not. And this time the old man said: - Now we are going to solve one of my favorite tasks ...
 - Your favorite - our hateful.
 - Yes, how do you know? - Mildly surprised because the old man. - We have not yet solved. Maybe you will like it.
 - Can not - meets the squirt - whatever you like, I hate.
The teacher thought.
 - You sure? - He asked after a pause.
 - Yes - brazenly said the student.
 - Completely?
 - !!! Absolutely !!!
 - Then, a young man - sadly shrugged the teacher - you bugger ...
That was a sensation! After that, the old man was a month, probably the people's favorite.


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