Briefly on Thursday

A black cat ran across the road babe with empty buckets. Both died on the spot

Boy Borja, who spent his childhood with his father on a fishing trip, did not learn to speak

Chuck Norris advised to change the name of Igor Krutoy

The dog is afraid of Fedor Konyukhov phrases host "Let's go for a walk»
Locust army raided the Chui Valley. Now they drink up the remains of the Aral Sea

The closer grandmother - the thicker the grandson

Head of Customer - a terrible woman. In her office door and says "Head ORK»

Physicist, received a salary got home in the morning in the fifth state of matter

I love puzzles. Especially ax

News Ukrainian car industry: "Tavria" -Buy still looks like a reserved seat

There are things that it is better not to know. And, apparently, many people believe that it is grammar and punctuation.

Low self-esteem? It seems that you have no one notices? You will paranoia! Paranoia - and even with iron kettle will whisper about you.

In Uzbek bookmakers can bet on a match replay


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