The parable of the nails

There was one very quick-tempered and violent young man. And then one day his father gave him a bag of nails and was punished every time he does not keep his wrath, to hammer one nail into the fence post.

On the first day the post had a few dozen nails. In another week he learned to control his anger, and every day the number score in a column of nails began to decrease. The young man understood that it was easier to control her temper than to drive nails.

Finally the day came when he never lost his composure. He told her father about it and he said that this time every day when the son will be able to hold back, he can pull out of the post with one nail.

As time went on, and the day came when he could inform her father of that post, not a single nail. Then the father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence:

— You have done well, but you see how many of the post holes?

He will never be the same as before. When you tell a person something evil, he has the same scar just like these holes. And no matter how many times then you will apologize, the scar remains.published



Parable of dejectionAnd people go... to me, forever, from us




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