I highly recommend spending a long time alone without distractions. I from time to time make it in life. Staying alone, many feel "alone", being without contacts in sadness and isolation. They crave intimate connection.

They miss the heartfelt conversations, the noise. They want new stories, new talk, new breaking the silence... But stay alone doesn't mean loneliness.

In your own solitude, you can get in touch with the deepest existential questions of life, the Universe and everything around. Who are you without the story of your life?

What does it mean when you unwrapped? Who are you, away from the "other" when no one with whom to exchange a word? You still exist, being in the deepest solitude? Where's the world outside? You're not going crazy?

There is a temptation to write another. To check your email. To eat or drink. Eat chocolate, have sex. To try drugs. Tell a friend the story of his "solitude".


Parable of dejectionwhatever happens in your life, stop...

Perhaps where we once were separated, and lost, in this we find a deep intimate connection with yourself, with our body, with our warm presence, with our breath, with the earth, the Cosmos, dancing in emptiness, with loneliness and the world around us.

Loneliness is a drop-down portal to the divine. If you are ready to dive in, and not run away from his secrets.published


© Jeff Foster


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