Whatever happens in your life, stop...

STOP! 60-second invitation to be attentive.

Whatever happens in your life, stop. Just for a moment. Take a deep breath. Feel how the stomach rises and falls, filled with life and oxygen.

Feel sweet and subtle relief on the exhale.

Feel your feet standing on the ground, liveliness throughout your body. The sounds you hear inside and outside.

What are you feeling now? Is there tension in the head, jaw, throat, shoulders, chest, stomach, buttocks? As the body is? If there are any areas of compression, tightness, seals, pain? Are there parts who are feeling the heat, light, tingling? Even if the mind is desperate to go "forward," can you be here?

Can you offer respect to the Current stage of the Movie of Your Life?

Let this moment will be exciting.

Be attentive to what is happening here and now; realize what is really going on in the place when you are.

Drop your insights about life, your dreams about past and future.

Come out of perceptions about "what was" and "what could be" and start to notice sensations, feelings, thoughts, motives that are present, right here and right now.


Let your real experience: the sounds and smells — will be the most interesting dance in the universe.

Let the realization soaked in the moment and moment – awareness.


God speaks to us in the language of our senses

2 things you NEED to KNOW when you can't change what is happening

Are you watching, watching, getting a disgusting taste, touch the world, like the first time. This is your garden of Eden, your chaotic, intense, joyful, heartbreaking the Garden of Eden. And you Wake up to this: for a day, an hour, a moment awake, finally.

Stop trying to understand everything. Rest is also Holy. Every great journey is fueled by the stops. Give yourself up to it. Give. Fall into the arms of the moment. Fall in ignorance...



© Jeff Foster


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