The women who taught me to love...

Eckhart Tolle says: "Relationships are meant to make you conscious, not happy."

I know what it is. I wandered through the spiritual desert for many years. In a barren desert of isolation, fragmentation, world of denial and self-superiority ("I am more enlightened, more awakened, more conscious, more free from ego, the more spiritually evolved than you, mere mortal!").


Back in the real, grounded, messy, intimate human relationships, I felt life as an adventure.

The relationship began to take to the surface all those things that I was trying to avoid, suppress, or conceal for many years. Everything that does not fit into the pattern of "spiritual, perfect life of an enlightened person." I was again and again with pain and humiliation shown that I was not "ready" that there is no "finish" anything at all that the "unenlightened" energy is still raging inside of me. It was energy, not taken me in itself. They longed for light, longed for hugs and family relations in the vastness of who I am.

Painful and humiliating, this journey led me to an amazing release and relief. "The stench of enlightenment" (as he calls it Marianne Kaplan) can not withstand the crucible of honest relationships. Clichéslike: "I'm not here", "there is only awareness," "I am moved beyond human feelings", "everything is perfect" and "it's just your projection", just can't stand it when your friend stands before you, asking for honest, gentle, without any blah-blah cordial relations.

She sees right through you in all your games. And I urge you to meet face-to-face with all that is occurring in the moment when you're lying next to. She wants to meet WITH YOU, not with your smart spiritual concepts. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run.

Thanks to all of you: strong, smart, beautiful women who taught me to love, to listen, to receive, to be in agreement. This journey will never end...posted


Author: Jeff Foster


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