Eckhart Tolle: to Take your life in your hands

Many people think that to change your life difficult or impossible.

People involved in spiritual development, I believe that it is a force. They know that they themselves create their own reality. Really, it all depends on us.

All that is necessary for the onset of positive changes in life is a great desire to do her best to regularly apply spiritual tools. Well, of course, confirm all this with concrete actions.

In this article we will share with you simple practices that are recommended by Eckhart Tolle in his book "a New Earth". They will help you to improve health, to get rid of anxiety and bad habits. Applying them in your daily life, you will find inner harmony, peace, self-confidence, learn to listen to your body, raise your level of awareness.

9 practices that will change your life

1. Feeling the inner body

Most identify with the body. The body is me. Spiritually awakened people know that they are not the body, and the soul living in the body. But few of them realize it constantly, every second.

Often people are unhappy with their body. They do not like the weight, size of nose, color of eyes, skin. Sometimes people reject it entirely, avoided looking at myself in the mirror.

No matter how your body looks on the outside, beyond the outer form it is a rich and living energy field.

To go beyond the body and realize that you are not the body, you need to enter into it.

This practice allows you to accept and love my body, to establish contact with him. Through this practice you learn mindfulness, you will be in the present moment.

2. A sense of abundance

Many complain that it is not good enough: "don't respect Me, I don't pay attention, I do not praise, thank, not recognize. Don't include me".

And good attitude they suspect some hidden motivation and think "others want to manipulate me, you want me to use. Nobody loves me".

They consider themselves "in need of a little "me"" whose needs are never satisfied. This basic error of perception of who they are, causes functional impairment in all that concerns their relationship.

They are convinced that they have nothing to give, and that the world or the surrounding deny them what they need.

If the thought of lack — whether it be money, recognition, or love — has become part of who you think is, you will always feel the lack.

Instead feel gratitude for the good that is already in your life, you only see lack.

In fact, if you believe that the world denies you, that means YOU deny the world, because deep down, consider themselves to be young with nothing to give.

You no need to own to feel abundant, although if you feel abundant, things almost certainly will come to you.

Abundance comes only to those who already have it. It seems almost unfair, but it is. Both abundance and scarcity — it is an internal condition that manifest in your reality.

3. Practice “answer Not a bully”

The ego always alert, and always ready to protect yourself from everything that he considers aimed at its weakening.

When someone blames or criticizes me, the ego sees this as an attempt to decrease it and immediately tries to regain his sense of self on the same level, which resorts to self-justification, defense or condemnation.

He doesn't care of the rights of another or not. It is more interested in self-preservation than the truth. A powerful spiritual practice into the moments of manifestation of the ego will attempt to consciously allow him to weaken and not to try to restore it.

Of course, this does not mean that you invite others to insult or blame you or make a victim of unconscious people. Sometimes the situation may require you to give it to someone putting in absolutely certain terms.

When your words have no egotistically needs to be protected, then the power behind them, not a reactive compulsion.

That ego seems to be a weakness, is actually the only true power.

4. Awareness self conscious

A method for detecting the inner space — be aware of self conscious. What are the benefits of this practice? You stop the flow of thoughts, look inward and get in touch with your higher aspect.

Say or think: "I am" and nothing to do with this add. Be aware of the calm that comes after "I am." Feel his presence, naked, naked, undressed existence.

Nor youth, nor age, nor wealth, nor poverty, nor bad, neither good nor other things do not have any relation to it. Spatial is the womb of all creation, of all forms.

5. How to experience the peace and tranquility

This practice will help people suffering from obsessive thoughts, constant worry.

You learn to slow down, calm your mind. Practicing this exercise regularly, you will gradually abandon the value judgments of “good-bad”, that will expand your consciousness.

It may be performed at any convenient time, for example when you are sitting in the queue to the doctor or in some state institution.

6. Awareness of your breathing

Be aware of your breathing. Notice your feelings during breathing. Feel how the air flows into and out of your body. Notice how the chest and abdomen when you inhale and exhale slightly expand, and then fall.

To create some space where before it was a continuous sequence of thoughts, just one cycle of inhale-exhale. A conscious breathing cycle done many times during the day is an excellent way of making space in your life.

Breathing happens by itself. All you need to do is watch as it happens. But this does not imply any tension or stress.

Watch a short pause, a particular point of rest between the exhale and inhale, before the next breath.

Many people have breathing unnaturally shallow. The more you are aware of the breath, the greater the natural depth it has is starting to recover itself.

The awareness of the breath pushes you into the present moment is the key to all inner transformation. Being aware of the breath you are absolutely present.

You will notice that you cannot think and be aware of the breath. Conscious breathing stops the mind.

7. Getting rid of bad habits

The long-standing compulsive patterns of behavior can be called an addiction — a kind of energy field that lives in you in the form of pseudocodes or pseudolites, and at times exciting you whole.

It grabs even your mind, the voice in my head, becoming then the voice of addiction.

If you have compulsive behaviors, such as Smoking, overeating, drinking, TV, the Internet addiction or anything else, here's what you can do:

Remember to catch every thought, is directed at the justification of addictive behavior, you need to immediately as soon as it comes into your head.

Ask yourself: "Who's talking back there?" And realize that it says the addiction. While you are present as the observer of your mind, the probability that it will be able to deceive you and make you do what she wants, becomes smaller.

8. The practice of “Lose yourself to find”

When you cease to emphasize who you are at the level of form, then, whoever you are abroad revealed more fully. Decreasing, you are becoming more. For ego it will look like you lose yourself, but actually the opposite occurs.

Here are a few ways in which people unconsciously try to emphasize their identification with the form. If you alert enough, you will be able to detect some of these behaviors in yourself:

  • You require recognition for their efforts and get angry or upset if don't get it;

  • Seeking attention, talking about their problems, given my history of illness or raising Cain;

  • Express their opinions, which nobody is asking and which does not affect the situation;

  • More focused on how you look in the eyes of another person than himself, ie. using others to get egotopical reflection or strengthen their own ego;

  • Trying to impress by demonstrating his possessions, knowledge, good looks, status, physical strength, etc.;

  • For a while inflate your ego by angry reactions and protests against something or someone;

  • Take said on his account offended, making yourself right and others wrong, mentally or verbally expressing the vain and useless dissatisfaction;

  • Want to be seen or to appear important.

If you find yourself in such stereotypes, do the experiment. Experience how it feels, and what happens when you leave this stereotype. Just drop it and see what happens.

This is another way of generating consciousness. Ceasing to be focused on the shape of the person of particular importance, you will uncover a huge power flows into the world through you.

9. Awakened doing

Awakened doing is attuned to your external goal (what you do) with the internal target (the awakening and being in the awakened state).

Awakened by making you merge into one with the outer purpose of the Universe. Through you consciousness flows into the world. It flows into your thoughts and fills them with inspiration. It flows into your business, leads and inspires it.

There are three ways in which consciousness can flow into what you do and thus through you to come to the world is acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Each one represents a certain vibrational frequency of consciousness. If you are not in a state of either acceptance, or enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will see that create suffering to ourselves and others.

All these practices are aimed at the knowledge of my true self — who you really are.

They allow you to uncover all the traps of the ego, in which we find ourselves every day to make a choice — to take your life into your own hands, and not go on about the troubled mind.


Author: Natalia Prokofieva



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