And we have a penguin "was born!"

In the Krasnoyarsk zoo where I work, there was little pingvinёnysh.

This is the first African penguin, which hatched in Russia. Now it artificially feed ornithologists minced fish.

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Banded penguin - is the only species of penguins live in Africa, the birds are strictly protected by the Government of South Africa, as a species threatened with extinction. Chill Banded penguin does not love. In the Park "Swarms creek" penguins live since 2011.

In winter, they are in a closed warm room (built specifically for birds captive complex with large swimming pool and controlled environment), and in summer walk in the spacious outdoor enclosure.

Banded penguin monogamous, they create a pair for life. Our long ago determined who would create a family with someone. At the very beginning of the summer steam Mafa and Leon began to build a nest in the outdoor enclosure. In the course went pebbles, twigs, grass and even Ranetki.
In the photo the little penguin leg

Egg in the nest appeared September 14, when autumn comes in Siberia, in the Southern Hemisphere spring is in full swing. After a few days it became noticeably colder and the Clerk of Ornithology had to take an egg and put it in the incubator.
Here are some of them - the parents. Penguins are distinguished by black spots on the chest, the location of which each individually.

Transfer the nest with egg penguin in a warm room and leave his parents - not an option: The penguins are very carefully choose a place to nest and remember him well, if the clutch would be elsewhere, penguins will assume her opponent.

Here's a little black chick was born on 21 October. He could not stand or even raise his head, his eyes were closed.

Penguin found in Brudere - a special device for rearing.

Plastic bowl with a clean diaper on the bottom - a comfortable "nest".

Feeding penguins - employment difficult. In the wild, the parents regurgitate gruel of half-digested fish right in the beak of the kid. When artificial feeding ornithologists use certain kinds of fish, which is treated mechanically, and subjected to enzymatic treatment. Minced fish and feed a small penguin.

In the early days of his life were fed 7 times a day is very liquid minced fish from the syringe.

Now, when the chick was already up on legs and opened his eyes and fed 4 times a day over a thick minced fish fingers.

All captive penguins eat only from the hands. Penguins are in place and it is a card in the ATM, put the fish in the beak)) then they "check" on the other hand give out) And if gorged - funny shake their heads, such as "I will not!".

Each time before and after feeding the bird was weighed to find out how many small ate in grams.

Employees of the Department of Ornithology say that human hands chick perceives as their parents pulled them in anticipation of food, sometimes lack the beak of the fingers.

Our penguin, certainly not like a "little penguin" as we used to see in the pictures, but that's life, is the southern view.

Ornithologists say that at first he did not understand anything and the food at the first opportunity, and now it looks, assesses the situation, "who and what has come", and only then yells)

Here's a little flippers ^ _ ^
That's all, thank you all good luck and greetings from Krasnoyarsk park "Swarms creek»!


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