This penguin swims every year 8 thousand kilometers to see his savior

In 2011, the Brazilian Joao Pereira mason did his job on the beach when he noticed the dying of starvation penguin, whose feathers were smeared with black oil. Because of what happened to him an accident kid could not get to the water to swim away domoy.Zhoao helped bird. For a whole week he cleaned feathers Dean Dima, (so he decided to call the penguin) from oil and fed him fish. Well, the code went on the mend, Joao had no choice, how to release it into the wild.

The old man could not believe his eyes when, a few months later, Dean Dime sailed to visit him! He recognized his savior! Since then, Dean Dime entire year living with Joao and four months during the breeding season goes to Argentina, where it breeds a flock. And so the penguin wanders back and forth, each time sailing over eight thousand kilometers to get back to his friend.

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Each year, Dean Dime arrives in June and departures in February. Biologists say they have never seen anything like it. It looks like a penguin believes that the old man - his family or even pingvin.


It clearly shows the distance traveled pingvin



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