Premature children, were holding his photographs taken immediately after birth

Photographer Ed Metot (Red M├ęthot) from Quebec, better known under the nickname RedM, presented a series of moving portraits premature babies holding hands own photos taken immediately after the birth. Featuring who these children are and who they have become, Ed demonstrates their strength and the way that they had to go through to survive. Touching the project, showing the difficult journey that began preterm infants early in life.

< Felix was born at 24 weeks


Noah and Nathan was born on 32 week

Charles was born at week 26 81,730,966

Andreani was born at 32 weeks 95,529,449

Thomas was born 29 week 62,415,847

Julie was born in the seventh month of pregnancy, and her son Kevin, who was born at 34 weeks 45,172,880

Juliette was born on 30 week 81,188,007

Oliver was born at 31 weeks, his sister Ariana was born at 33 weeks, and their brother Noah, who was born at 34 weeks 83,998,983

Leonard was born in the 35th week of 37,038,792

Margot was born in the 29th week of 51,377,962

Thomas was born on the 23 week 10e3f8cba5.jpg

Emil was born at week 26 25,047,660

Samuel was born at 36 weeks 11,192,735

Leksiani born 25 week 72,975,152

Samuel was born at 36 weeks, and his sister Alice, who was born on 27 week 96,516,481

Noah was born on 32 week. His twin sister Victoria, the left in the photo in a frame, has died after a month of life a6a2715108.jpg

Zachary was born on 27 week 50,858,381

Anais was born on 25 nedele222b3143e3.jpg

Chloe was born at 32 weeks 14,576,300

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