The two went through a terrible park, but before the end got only one reason ... make you laugh!

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This story happened to a relative of our close friend. In the 20s of the last century, he was a doctor, he lived in St. Petersburg and went every day to work through the Champ de Mars.

In those days, the Field of Mars was turned into a cemetery of dead revolutionaries. Normal people there did not exist in the evenings, but razboynichki play tricks. However, our hero is not concerned as he was returning home is not too late, and he was athletic build.

Then one day he had to go home later than usual. There is, on the sides of glances. Then out of nowhere a puny little man drew and said, well, go in the same direction - together, it will be safer. Go, little man clinging to it with fear, and he begins to tell all sorts of passion that someone was killed there, and who and how robbed. And the first thing, says, Clock is taken ...

Our hero suddenly realized that the old man speaks his teeth and watch something really, probably not. I checked the clock on the sly pocket - just not. He grabbed his companion by the collar and said, they say, lend, reptile, watches, and even shook the soul.

I scared the old man and put the clock, and he set off running. Comes Dr. home, undressed, and his wife at dinner tells the story of how cleverly he old man fished his watch. And his wife to him, "So you're my watch today House on the nightstand forgotten!ยป

Our hero rushed to the old man at the selected clock, and on them - the inscription known professor. Address quickly found, and an hour later he was already knocking on the door of a professor. He opened it the same old man, but after learning the robber, he immediately lost consciousness .... It is fortunate that the "robber" was a doctor. By the way, then they became great friends!



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