20 photos that finally convince you that the seals - is a charming sea-puppies!

Experts have long suspected that the seals are so cute, they can not account for most sweetly kinsfolk terrestrial beings - puppies. And now at the Website has as many as two dozen evidence that

experts suspected that between seals and pups there is a mysterious connection

Source photos: Pulptastic.comChtoby prove its availability, required to conduct a comparative analysis of two dozen representatives of both kinds

latest technology revealed that when the seals and puppies are happy, they dumped language

< br> Both masterful bow their head to the side

love to play in water

Have a very nice and almost identical noses

Appreciate good joke

Use hind legs to scratch the soul

Sometimes they look ... not too clever

and seals and pups - master ogle

Sometimes they are so similar that it is difficult to understand who is in front of us - or puppy seal

they love lazy

And even more, they love to sleep

Opinions experts are divided only in one point: one of them took place from someone?

Both perfectly obtained in the photo

Both are just fine with that haircut

happy in any weather


we stayed only one question - why we still have not tamed seals ?!

via pulptastic.com/pupper-or-water-doggo/


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