What is really needed fabric flap which is attached to the new clothes

Perhaps all we pay attention to the small flap of tissue that is attached to the new clothes for the purchase. He is sewn to the product or neatly packed in a small transparent plastic bag. Some believe that this piece of fabric intended to make if necessary patch from it. But it turns out it is not. < Website tells why need this patch.

Photo source: Novate.ruNe hurry his throw. This is a very valuable flap, which is able to save the dress, jacket, shirt or pants. It is necessary to check before the first wash, as the thing will behave when interacting with hot water and detergent. In addition, it is at this shred is advisable to check how it will behave under the influence of fabric pyatnovovyditelya. This will not spoil your favorite clothes.

You can use the patch and to check whether the shrinkage of the fabric allows. In this case it is necessary to sustain the flap about 30 minutes in warm water, then put on the pre-cut to fit the graft a piece of cardboard. When the fabric is dry, we will see whether it gives shrinkage.

With the flap is checked and color fastness colored fabrics. For this flap is placed for 10 minutes in a strong soap solution lightly rubbed fabric and left for 20 minutes in cold water, and then drained. If the water is not color, but the color of fabric, after it has dried, has not changed, the product can be washed in warm water or in the washing machine and do not worry that it will deteriorate.

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